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Making Time For Me: The Best Way To Find Time For Yourself When You’re a Busy Mom

Making Time For Me

The Best Way To Find Time For Yourself When You’re a Busy Mom

I’ve heard many people say: “There just isn’t enough time in a day.” No truer words were ever spoken. Especially if you are a mom. Each morning I wake up to the sound of my 22 month old alarm clock. She snuggles close to me for her morning nursing session. When she is finished, we pop out of bed to start our day.

busy mom

After our morning routine,  it begins.

Start laundry: check.

Make breakfast: check.

Clean up: check.

Start school with my oldest 2 children: check.

Clean up disastrous messes made by my toddler: check.

Time for lunch!

Time for more clean up!

Can’t forget that laundry!

Do some dishes.

More School.

Naptime for my toddler.

School for my first grader.

More cleaning.

(Did we even get out of our PJS??)

And it goes on and on.

Before I even realize it, I am cleaning up from supper, giving the kids a bath/shower, putting them to bed, nursing my baby girl again, and CRASHING!


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This is my life. Every. Single. Day.

Too tired to get my own shower, or to even think about myself at all. Before long my stress levels are through the roof, and I am unable to focus on anything outside of my home life. I am drowning in a sea of craziness. Then I realize that I need some time off. Not necessarily a formal vacation, but something like that. A momcation. Some time for me. So here’s what I do. Keep in mind, we do not have a lot of options as far as someone to watch the kids. Seriously… here is my list:

My Mom

She works, and her time is very limited, so getting a babysitter is not very easy for us.

If I am really desperate for some time away from the house, and my mother is not able to help out,

I recruit my husband.

I have him “babysit” the kids whenever he is off work. Then I go run errands, go shopping (sometimes for groceries… exciting stuff), go to Goodwill, or whatever I want/need to do. This honestly doesn’t happen very often. I usually end up caving in and taking one of my kids with me. But it is very helpful to get out alone whenever possible.

What I like to do the most is this:

Put the kids to bed early. Then I stay up a few hours after, and do what I want to do. ( I do this almost every night.)

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  • Watch Netflix
    • It is awesome to not watch cartoons or Disney TV shows. 
  • Eat some ice cream.
    • I don’t have to share!! 
  • Take a long relaxing shower or bath!
    • Without interruption… which almost never happens during the day.
  • Browse Pinterest
    • New DIYs! yay! (Sometimes I even start my new DIY projects!)
  • Do some online shopping.
    • This is when actually get a lot of my book shopping done on Ebay and Amazon. This is when I usually purchase my curriculum. (
      Christian Bookstore
      is my go-to site. They have the BEST previews of the curriculum, and great prices to boot.)
  • Read/ study the Bible.
  • Pray over my family, homeschool, husband, and pretty much anything and everything.
    • Again… no interruptions.
  • Read some blogs.
  • Read a book
    • I usually do this on my Kindle Fire that I got for my birthday last year. It is honestly the best tablet that I have ever owned. Love it! 

  • Research homeschool curriculum
    • Confession: I spend hours doing this. 

This is MY time, and I love it.

I know that it doesn’t seem like much. I mean… it’s not a fancy vacation or getaway, but it works for me. It is extremely helpful, and it helps me unwind on those crazy hectic days.

You don’t have to necessarily do this at night. It could be waking up early, if that is your thing.The most important thing is to take care of yourself as a mother. So you can give your all the next day when your family needs you. (And it keeps Momzilla at bay!)


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