It’s Day 3 in our series: Beginners Guide to Charlotte Mason! Today the topic is Charlotte Mason Curriculum.

Back when I was researching Charlotte Mason, one thing that I wanted , but couldn’t find, was a good list of Charlotte Mason style curriculum choices. So, today that’s what I am going to do… give you a list of Charlotte Mason Curriculum so that you can begin finding the CM curriculum that is right for you. (I also have a list of our favorite CM resources here that may contain a few different sources.)charlotte mason curriculum

11 Charlotte Mason Curriculums

*Charlotte Mason friendly curriculum is also listed!

**I am adding to my list, so you may find more than just 11. 

Queen Homeschooling

Queen Homeschooling offers Charlotte Mason curriculum for every subject. I use Copywork for Boys and Girls and I also have purchased Spelling Through Copywork and a couple of their Character Building Storybooks.


The Alveary is a complete all-in-one Charlotte Mason Curriculum for grades 1-8. You purchase a membership yearly that includes guides and planning resources. You get a lot of helpful resources with the membership AND your year is planned for you. All CM style! The membership is per year per family. So it’s pretty affordable!

Simply Charlotte Mason

This is one that I have been interested in for a while… I just haven’t gotten around to trying it. I get nervous stepping outside of the box sometimes. SCM provides lesson plans and materials for all subjects. They offer pdf/ebook formats and hard copies. Digital copies are cheaper than the hard copies, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to buy the book. (Saves on all the printing!)

Ambleside (FREE online curriculum for K-12.)

Ambleside is completely FREE. All lesson plans are set up for each grade, and pretty much all of the books are online. I think the only materials you would need to buy are a few books (if they don’t have a public domain copy) and your Math and Grammar Curriculum. I will give you this bit of information: Ambleside can be a bit overwhelming at first. So take your time, and figure it out. Read everything! Don’t just try to jump in blind.

Living Books Curriculum

This is one I came across last year while looking for CM curriculum. It is a smaller company, and ALL of their proceeds go toward giving an education to children in Africa! How awesome is that??!!

My Father’s World

My Father’s World is Charlotte Mason inspired.(I wouldn’t call them 100% CM) I have used MFW in the past (1st and 2nd grade for my oldest children.) They use a lot of living books, and include nature walks every Friday. They also include composer studies and art/artist studies. MFW is also a complete all-in-one program. It’s designed to use with multiple children.

Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota is CM inspired. HOD is literature based and all-in-one. There are no formal textbooks. The only things that really are not included in CM are Nature Study and the Arts.
**(Poetry and some Art is included, but no Artist or Composer Studies)

Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum for Catholics. It is for grades Pre-K through Highschool!

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool (Completely FREE!)

This one may be stretching it a little, but I included it because she does incorporate copywork, some living books, and a few other CM methods.

An Old-Fashioned Education (FREE!!)

This one is very reminiscent of Ambleside. (seems slightly easier to follow) All Free Online Curriculum. Curriculum is listed by subject off the left, and there are FREE printable schedules for each grade (K-12).

Train up a Child Publishing

This one is completely new to me. I just ran across it not too long ago. It is a living books based curriculum.


**Edited to add more:

A Gentle Feast

Another Charlotte Mason Inspired Curriculum that uses some really great living books! A Gentle Feast is set up with a family reading time that will cover several subjects together rather than individually.


Complete Charlotte Mason Curriculums


I hope that will make it easier on you, when deciding what Charlotte Mason Curriculum to use. If there are any not mentioned on my list, leave them in the comments.

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  1. Great list! For those in Australia, be sure to check out My Homeschool. It offers a Charlotte Mason approach and meets the Australian Curriculum requirements – win win!

  2. The old fashioned education website doesn’t ever load anything besides a blank page and a menu down the side. That’s unfortunate. 🙁

  3. We just started The Good and the Beautiful curriculum! Includes lots of poetry, copywork, drawing, artist study, and nature notebooks. It’s lovely!

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