Spelling You See Curriculum Review

Spelling You See Review

So.. What is Spelling You See?? Spelling You See is a Spelling program that uses copywork to teach spelling. They also incorporate visual aids by using highlighting of specific letter chunks for better retention. (My Spelling You See Review video is  at the end of this post if you want to see inside the books and get a better feel for the curriculum.)

spelling you see

I came across Spelling You See last year and decided to give it a try. It is by Demme Learning…the same company that makes Math-U-See (a math curriculum that we love!) So I figured it had to be a winner!

Spelling You See Americana

The Level We used:
Spelling You See Level D: Americana

This program does not go by grade levels. Instead, they want you to place your child at his or her skill level. This level is I guess what you could consider a 3rd grade level. See where your child should be placed here.

**This review is based on our experiences using the curriculum for our 3rd-grade spelling program. Also, this post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure here.

Spelling You See Curriculum Review

Pros of Spelling You See:

  • Teacher’s manual is easy to use and thorough!
  • Directions are clear for the student and written on each lesson page. (So there won’t be any confusion on what to do.)
  • Short 10 minute daily lessons.
  • History lesson worked in with your copywork/spelling lesson.
  • Good for visual learners. (highlighting chunks to stimulate visual memory)
  • Helps with self-esteem (puts emphasis on the words spelled right, not the ones spelled wrong.)
  • Uses copywork and dictation for practicing spelling skills. This is very Charlotte Mason friendly!

Cons of Spelling You See:

  • A lot of writing is involved each day! (This may not be a con for some)
  • Progress may not be noticeable for a while. (It just takes time to see progress sometimes.)
  • 5 day week ( for those with 4 day school weeks )

Interested in learning more about Spelling You See??

Getting Started With Spelling You See 

Spelling You See Philosophy

You can watch my Spelling You See review on youtube here:

Note: When I used this curriculum, I was not for sure yet that my son had dyslexia. ( You can read our story here) This may have been the cause of our failure with this program. Now that I am becoming more educated on dyslexia and what I can do to help him, I can see where we went wrong here.

spelling you see review

Spelling You See Curriculum Review 1

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