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DIY Toddler Busy Bag

toddler busy bag

DIY Toddler Busy Bags

Ever heard of the “terrible twos”? Yeah… my daughter has been there since she was about 15 months old! She is constantly on the go. There is no sitting still for that little girl. She’s into absolutely everything.

The other day she got ahold of the peanut butter and covered herself from head to toe. It was all over the chaise…and the carpet! A couple days later she smeared marshmallows all over the carpet in my living room. She is a super good mess maker. And honestly I had forgotten how crazy life can be with a toddler. She keeps me on my toes for sure.

So in lieu of all this craziness that has been taking place in my house lately,(Usually as I am preoccupied with teaching the older kids), I decided to put together something that would keep her busy, and maybe cut momma a break.

(This is also for church, doctors appointments, and pretty much anywhere she won’t sit still.)

We took our DIY Toddler Busy Bag to church last night to give it a test run. I was soooo desperate for her to actually behave in church. 99.9% of the time we are having to leave the service with her. Then one or both of us end up missing everything. It worked like a charm.Woohoo!

So, What’s in my toddler busy bag?

  • Peppa pig flashlight
  • Bath animals
  • Toy Veggies
  • Mini Etcha Sketch
  • Mini wooden puzzle
  • Cute whale lacing cards
  • Mini pad of construction paper and stickers (Trolls and Owls)
  • Foam puzzle

Then I bought a cute little bag to go along with.

*Side note: I am going to buy a little backpack style bag to put these toys in. The bag I purchased was cheap… so it didn’t even hold up through the first day! So my advice is to buy a good bag for everything.

She hasn’t paid much attention to the foam puzzle, but everything else was a hit!

toddler busy bag

Isn’t she just the cutest! (I am slightly biased though!)

Where did I purchase everything??

Where else but the Dollar Tree?  They had some pretty good stuff and it’s all a dollar. Can’t beat that! Another idea would be to check out Target’s dollar section! They have tons of cool stuff that could go in a toddler busy bag.

Other Ideas for My Toddler Busy Bag

I am going to try to keep my toddler bag fresh! Little ones get bored of the same old stuff pretty quick.So every few weeks or so I am going to switch out an item or two with something different to keep her entertained. Here are a few ideas of other things that can go inside your bag:

*affiliate link below.. read our full disclosure here.

Board books

Crayola Color Wonder Markers (the no mess ones!) and of course the Coloring Pad

Baby doll and accessories

Acton figures or other figure toys ( my daughter lovers her Moana Figure Set )

One Last Thing…

I just want to stress that this is so much more effective when you use toys that aren’t normally played with. For some reason kids like to play with things more when they seem “new” to them. So when you make your bag, make sure you leave it somewhere out of sight, and only pull it out when necessary! It will keep them more engaged when they get into their bag.


Looking for more toddler activities??

Check out my Pinterest board:


toddler busy bag


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