1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

first grade homeschool curriculum

I love picking out our homeschool curriculum each year! It is one of my favorite times of the year. I usually start hunting for curriculum at the end of the year (October- December) because we purchase our curriculum in February. Then we start school at the end of May. This gives me plenty of time to get the curriculum organized and do all my planning before the next school year. (Planning for 3 kids is time consuming…. before long I will be planning for 4!) Kudos to all you homeschool mommas with more than 4 kids! You rock!

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So anyway, we are halfway through our school year, and I wanted to share with you what we are using for 1st grade, what worked, and what didn’t work.

2017-2018 Choices


Easy Peasy Math 1

Not the online version. We are using the book format. It was not free like the online curriculum, but it was super affordable. Under $20 for the complete set (teacher’s manual and student workbook.) You can use the book format right alongside the online format if you want to. Or you can go in and play the games that go along with the corresponding lesson.

Here’s a link to the store so you can check it out:

Math Courses

What we thought about it: 

So far it has been great. My son really likes it. The materials and manipulatives that you use are things that you have laying around the house already. She has put a lot of hardwork and time into her curriculum and it shows! She has done a great job!

Life of Fred

We supplement a bit with Life of Fred. Not because we need to, but because we love the story! Life of Fred is one of those books that your kids will ask to read over and over again. It is pretty affordable too! $15 per book on Educents. We have 3 books: Apples, Butterflies, and Cats. (We are actually borrowing them from my sister, but will be buying them for our own library soon! I wanted to give them a test run first.)

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue (LLATL Blue)

2114: Learning Language Arts Through Literature Kit Grade 1 Learning Language Arts Through Literature Kit Grade 1

LLATL is an all-in-one program. You can read the full review of LLATL here. Here’s what’s included:

Student Activity Book

 Teacher’s Book

Long Vowel Readers -10

Short Vowel Readers -12

Bridge Readers Books -6

Materials Packet with Activity Cards

Books you need: (If you don’t already own these books, you can buy them from Amazon used or straight from Christianbook)

Who Took the Farmer’s Hat

Goodnight Moon

The Story of Ferdinand

Caps for Sale

The Snowy Day

Bedtime for Frances

The Little House

Old Hat, New Hat

Make Way for Ducklings

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Blueberries for Sal

Babar’s Little Circus Star

The Runaway Bunny

Even if you don’t use LLATL I recommend all the literature! My son has really enjoyed them.

Here’s my YouTube review on Blue LLATL: Click here to watch.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

I used this with my oldest 2 children as well. It has worked like a charm each time. I keep coming back to this book!!

Explode the Code

We used this for Kindergarten too. We were halfway finished with book 1 by the end of the Kindergarten year, so we are finishing it here and there this year. (Most days we don’t even do it.)


Getty Dubay Italics

Getty Dubay Italics

This was recommended by LLATL to use as extra handwriting practice. We had already used this curriculum last year with my oldest 2 children. I saw a HUGE improvement in their writing after switching to italics! I can’t say enough. It is simple, but effective. (really good price too!)

Bible/History/ Science/Poetry

*This is all combined in one program.

Heart of Dakota: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

heart of dakota

With this one… I wish I would’ve chosen a step below. This is a little over my sons head, and a little too much for him right now. I think it is really based on your child’s maturity level, but when in doubt, I say go with the lower level!

Heart of Dakota is an all in one curriculum. It is literature based, which is what drew me to it. This was not what we started the year off with, but long story short: I wanted something that was similar to what I had with My Father’s World. (We no longer use MFW… but that is another post for another time!)

What I originally planned to use ( and did for the first 5 or so weeks):

Discoverer’s Bible

We used this Bible in My Father’s World Adventures in US History (our 2nd grade year, and the year we decided MFW was no longer for us)

The Story of the World: The Middle Ages

I plan on using the Story of the World again next year. Switching to Heart of Dakota was a decision I made and I don’t regret because I love the History portion, but I do really love Story of the World and I really want to finish the entire series!

We tried the audio version this year… it worked well for my oldest son, but not so much for my first grader!


Artistic Pursuits

Artistic pursuits

Artistic Pursuits is very Charlotte Mason friendly. It is pretty awesome. I wanted a formal art curriculum that I could use with all of my kids and this one has been really fun. You do a lesson, a picture study, then a project. I will  definitely buy the next level for next year!

Nature Study

Nature Anatomy

You can read my review of Nature Anatomy here.

I created journaling pages to go along with Nature Anatomy.

first grade homeschool curriculumfirst grade homeschool curriculum

You can get my Nature Journaling printables for chapters 1-7 for FREE. (Click here)

I think that pretty much sums up what we are using for our 1st grade homeschool curriculum this year. What are you using for 1st grade?? What is working? Is there anything you have changed or want to change? Leave it in the comments!

1st grade homeschool curriculum


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