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Encouragement for Moms: How often do you feel like you aren’t enough? 


How often do you feel like you aren’t enough? 

For me, at least a few times a week.  I often find myself questioning if what I am doing is enough.  Do I spend enough one on one time with each of my kids? Do I keep my house clean enough? (usually not)  Do I teach them enough?  Am I making the most of each moment?  Do I show my husband enough love and attention?  Am I contributing enough? Do I do these things without complaining? This one is a big one in our house. I constantly remind my children that the Bible says to “Do all things without complaining and disputing.”(Philippians 2:14) Do I always remember that?  Probably not.


homeschool mom encouragement when you feel like your not enough

It’s hard to wake up early, stay up late, and do all the crazy things in between on a daily basis. 

 It’s wearing.  And if you aren’t careful you may experience a complete meltdown of sorts.  You know, like the one your toddler had this afternoon?  Yeah, that one.  But, your an adult so you won’t do that, right?  Well, I am guilty of doing that many times.  I work myself until I am so mentally, emotionally, and physically drained that I find myself acting and responding just like my toddler.

Then, we beat ourselves up.  “I shouldn’t have said or done that!  I am an awful parent.”  We look at ourselves through this one event, like it defines who we are! BUT,  We are not one moment, we are not defined by one bad choice, one nasty explosion of emotion.

NO! We are so much more than this!

And then you get past your own thoughts and there are the outside voices. Calling.  Speaking words that we shouldn’t even take the time to listen to.


So, what do we do when the enemy is attacking? 

The Bible says this:

Momma’s,  Be encouraged! If you are doing what is best for you and your family, what God has called you to. Whatever that looks like. Homeschooling or not, Year round, or Not, Charlotte Mason, or Not, Working or Not,  It is good.  Seek the will of God for you and when you find it, Run after it, Hard.  Run, and don’t you dare look back.  Don’t let people or the enemy plants seeds of doubt in the place God prepared for you.  Pray, Seek, Find.  He is listening and He wants so much more for you than you could ever plan out on your own!.  He sees your heart, Momma. The one that is crying (again) at 2 a.m.  He sees YOU!  The one who has neglected herself for days in order to make sure her family has everything they need.  The one who hasn’t showered, repainted her toes, or fixed her hair.  That one!  The one who got up at 4 a.m. this morning, just to do her hair and feel like she was half way put together.  That One!

You see,  God made you who you are! He gave you a special calling, a purpose. And, it is yours Not your neighbors, Not your family’s, Not your best friends! NOT YOUR MOMMA’S!  It is yours!

Rock that Momma Role My Friend! Be Who God Called You to be! Break the Mold!!!

Love and blessings to you All!

Traci @UnshakableFaithUnquenchableLove



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