4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

4th grade homeschool curriculum

What curriculum are we using for 4th Grade?

I have two in 4th grade this year, and I am going to show you what they both are using this year. They are totally different learning styles, so not all of the curriculum they use is the same. (Read more about Learning Styles: HERE)

This school year I wanted to stick as closely as I could to Charlotte Mason’s methods. So, a lot of my curriculum reflects that. We are doing a lot of living books this year, and we have made some changes throughout the year.

We started school the last week of May, and we are about 18 weeks into the year. Halfway there! Woohoo! Here’s a look at what we are using, and what worked and what didn’t work.

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Math-U-See Gamma

My daughter is using Math-U-See Gamma. It focuses on single digit and multiple digit multiplication.

Math-U-See Delta

My son is using Math-U-See Delta. It focuses on division.

If you are not familiar with Math U See you can check it out here:Math-U-See.
We absolutely love it! Math U See has been a big win for our family. I was hesitant to purchase it at first because of the price tag. The initial purchase (when you purchase the manipulatives with it) is more expensive than most math curriculums out there. That is why we never tried it… despite the fact that I had heard so many wonderful things. I regret that I didn’t try it sooner! It has been the best math program that we have ever used. So, if you are on the fence about it because of the price, just go for it. It is worth every penny!

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Orange

Both my son and daughter are using LLATL orange. This is one that I have had my eye on for some time now, but I was always afraid to buy it because I assumed that it wouldn’t be enough. Which is pretty silly now that I think about it. You can read more about LLATL  here.  It is an all-in-one Language Arts program.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature


Oh boy, this one is one we have struggled with. Despite the fact that Spelling is included in LLATL orange, I bought another curriculum in case it wasn’t enough. I originally purchased Christian Liberty Press: Building Spelling Skills. Just a forewarning… it is pretty advanced compared to other curriculums. At least for what we came from. We have used Spelling You See, All About Spelling (read my review here), Spelling Through Copywork, and Spelling By Sound and Structure.. whew… that’s almost embarrassing to list! But we haven’t found the right fit yet. Next year we will be going back to Spelling Through Copywork for my daughter and All About Spelling for my son who is dyslexic. All About Learning Press has a lot of good helps for children with dyslexia. (Read Homeschooling a Child with Dyslexia)


For handwriting we got this workbook:

Handwriting Skills Simplified, Level D: Improving Cursive Writing

We are practicing cursive skills still, and trying to get them perfected! So I just wanted a simple workbook that they could practice their writing in every day.

We also use Draw and Write Through History, and they get cursive handwriting practice through that as well.

When they complete the workbook, they will be starting Write Through The Bible.

Copywork for Boys and Girls

We use Copywork for Boys grades 4-12 for my son and Copywork for Girls grades 4-12 for my daughter.

These books are by Queen Homeschooling.( A Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum store). They are awesome! They copy lines from poetry, scriptures from the Bible, and even some Charlotte Mason quotes.


We are using Elemental Science: Sassafras Science Adventures. It is a living book Science curriculum that is pretty awesome. I am even enjoying reading the stories! We will be picking up the next book in the series as soon as we finish Volume 1.

Sassafras Science Adventures

Nature Study

For Nature Study, we are using Nature Anatomy and my Nature Journaling pages.

Get your FREE copy of our Nature Journaling Pages:


Artistic Pursuits

Artistic Pursuits is very Charlotte Mason friendly. It is pretty awesome. I wanted a formal art curriculum that I could use with all of my kids and this one has been really fun. You do a lesson, a picture study, then a project. I will  definitely buy the next level for next year!


Heart of Dakota: Preparing Hearts for His Glory

We’ve been using Preparing Hearts for His Glory for just the History portion. Sometimes we do some of the other stuff, but it’s mainly for history. HOD is a literature based program.

The Story of The World

We started this year off using Story of the World Middle Ages. We’ve been using it here and there as well.


Bible gets covered in several ways in our homeschool. The main way: The Bible itself. We use King James Version for our 4th graders. There is also Bible study in Heart of Dakota, and Bible is woven throughout many of our curriculum choices.

Overall Thoughts on Our Choices

There are things we will be changing next year with our curriculum.

  1. I will not be using Heart of Dakota again.
  2.  We will change our spelling.

The things we won’t change include:

  1. Math-U-See

Everything else is to be decided when that time rolls around. I am striving to find that curriculum that works well for our family, and is Charlotte Mason friendly. We will find it!! It just takes time sometimes… trial and error.

What curriculum did you use for 4th Grade?? Leave it in the comments.

4th grade homeschool curriculum

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