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The Benefits of an Organized homeschool

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The Benefits of an Organized Homeschool

I love to organize! It’s always been one of my things. I can organize for hours, and I am constantly looking for new and better ways to keep everything organized. But, as you may well know, things don’t stay organized for long with kids. You have to stay on them to get them just to put their pencil back in it’s place! I try though, as hard as I possibly can, to make sure that my homeschool is organized at all times throughout the year. (Try is the keyword there.)

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So, What are the benefits??

Keeping your homeschool organized keeps them calm! 

It really makes a difference when they know exactly where to find everything.

Quick tip: label everything!! This makes it even quicker for your kids to find what they need. A simple permanent marker and sticker labels is all that I use! It makes it easier to change in and out if you move something or rearrange.

(I don’t get all fancy with printable labels and such… I have 4 kids… so it’s whatever is the quickest!)


Unorganized Homeschool = One Stressed Out Momma!  

You will reduce your own stress levels by keeping things in order. I have been there! Whenever everything is a mess, I start to freak out a little bit. (Okay maybe a lot!… no one likes Momzilla!)

Organizing your homeschool helps you find stuff quickly!

Oh… we have all been down that road. When you are in the middle of the lesson, and suddenly you realize you forgot to grab the yarn that you needed for your project! Then it’s chaos. You try to scramble over to the homeschool cabinet/closet and rummage through everything and find that purple yarn!!

It encourages your children to clean up after themselves.

When your school area is clean, and things are clearly labeled, kids are more likely to put things back where they belong! Which in turn leaves you with a nice and clean homeschool room! It’s good habit building too!

You get more accomplished!

Yep! That is less time spent trying to find things or cleaning up after your children! So, there is more time for the tasks at hand.

Is it possible to keep my homeschool organized while on a budget?

Yes! Most of my organizing has to be done on a budget as well. I am not one to spend thousands of dollars on fancy organizing systems for my homeschool room. We use what we have, and we shop cheap when looking for organizational materials!

5 Places to shop on a budget:

  1. Dollar Tree has some pretty awesome storage bins/containers.
  2. Target’s dollar spot.
  3. Goodwill or thrift shops.
  4. Wal-Mart
  5. Amazon has some really good deals!

Finding the time to organize

How do you find time to organize as a busy homeschool mom?

Homeschool moms are pretty busy. I’ve got to admit that there are days that I barely find time to do my dishes!! We are wrapped up in school, changing diapers, feeding the kids, more school, toddler tantrums, and all that craziness. Then before we know it bedtime has arrived!

But, in the midst of all the crazy days that we have, we also have our good days.When things run really smoothly, and we have extra time on our hands. Those are the days that I do my organizing. I fit it in whenever I have the time or I make the time to do it.

Some of my favorite organizational items for the homeschool:

These are a few of the things I use in my homeschool to everything nice and in order! (These are all super affordable too! Budget friendly.. Yay!)

10-Drawer Cart

I use my drawer carts to store all of my children’s curriculum. For now, just my two oldest have one. Each drawer is labeled by subject. Books, papers, and supplies for each subject are placed inside each drawer for easy access.

File Folder Organizer

I use my file folder organizer to put papers that are graded and need to be put in a file and ungraded papers for grading. Each child has a ungraded and graded folder slot.

Magazine Holders

I use my magazine holders to organize books in my homeschool closet. I label each holder by subject.

STERILITE 3-Drawer Storage Unit

Instead of using a 10-drawer cart for my younger students, I use these 3 drawer storage units. Why not the 10-drawer. Space. That was my biggest reason… I just didn’t have the space for it this year. Another reason was that younger children don’t really need 10 drawers because their work will fit perfectly in just a few drawers.

Pencil Cup

An alternative would be mason jars, or small tins. I like to organize mine out into highlighters, pencils, and colored pencils. I have pencil boxes and small storage bins and wipe boxes for my crayons, markers, permanent markers, and other small school supplies.

The Homeschool Closet

All of my homeschool things are stored in a closet that is in our “homeschool room.” (<—We don’t use our homeschool room that often! We usually do school anywhere and everywhere in the house.) We do this because my toddler likes to get into all of our school supplies, so this makes it less available to her. Out of sight, out of mind.

Tip: Using a Homeschool closet is great for small spaces too!!!

We also have a smaller closet in our dining room that we use for our library. All of our books go in there on shelves.

Other Ideas/Tips for Organizing on a Budget

  • Reuse/Recycle/Upcycle/Repurpose
    • Use old spaghetti jars and mason jars to hold your pencils.
    • Paint old cans to use as pencil holders.
    • Decorative or plain wipe boxes serve as great crayon/marker boxes.
  • Shop Black Friday sales!
    • This is when I bought my 10 drawer carts! I got them for $20 a piece!
  • DIY projects
    • If you are handy, you might consider building some shelves or storage units on your own! Pinterest is a great place to find ideas!

Follow my organization board on Pinterest for more ideas!


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