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Capsule Wardrobe for Boys

capsule wardrobe for boys

Capsule Wardrobe for Boys

It’s getting that time of the year when I need to restock the closets! Summer is gone and the boys have grown out of their clothes from last Fall. Now comes the fun…creating a capsule wardrobe for boys! Boys are so easy to shop for and dress. I have 2 boys and 2 girls, and while I enjoy picking out super adorable clothes for my girls, it is much easier to shop for my boys. Simple does it!

Last year I started getting really serious about this capsule wardrobe thing. There were overwhelming amounts of clothes in my children’s closets and that equalled CRAZY amounts of laundry. So, I went through their closets and weeded out the clothes that weren’t being worn and only left staple pieces that could be mixed and matched. What I was left with became their first capsule wardrobe!

I have a few ideas in mind for what this Fall’s wardrobe will look like. I am going to share them with you today.  Plus, I will share my favorite places to shop to get the best deals on clothes for kids. Afterall, I do have 4 kids to buy for!

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At the end of this post I am attaching a freebie! A capsule wardrobe planner! Make sure you pick it up before you leave!

What you will need:

6 pairs of jeans +

1 pair of Khaki or colored jean

6 short sleeve tees

I like to pick 2 solids, 2 stripes, and 2 graphic tees. Occasionally we will end up with a few more T-shirts then we started with… and that’s ok. I just try my best to make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand. We go through the closets and weed out clothes every so often.


1 or 2 button down shirts

(I might throw in a polo or two for church.)

3 long sleeve tees

1 hoodie/ 1 light jacket

Simple Rules to Follow

  1. Make sure that most of the items in your capsule wardrobe can mix an match. This makes it possible to make a ton of different outfits out of just a few select items of clothes.
  2. Pick a magic number and stick to it!! (ex: 5 T-Shirts, 5 pairs of jeans…)
  3. Mix and match washes of jeans.
  4. Buy quality clothes!! This is SUPER important when created a capsule wardrobe! The goal is making sure that they last through the season or longer. Cheap clothing will not last. I have learned this the hard way!
  5. Stick with colors that they love! I tend to stick with blues and greens for my oldest because those are his favorite colors to wear. For my youngest boy, I tend to stick with reds and blues.

Tips to Making a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget

As I mentioned above, buying quality is the best way to go. However, I understand that sometimes we need to cut back costs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to cut back on quality! Here is the #1 way to make that happen:

  1. Shop sales! This is my #1 go-to. I look for the best sales, and I take advantage!

Where can I find some good deals?

Crazy 8: 

Get up to 70% off using this link: 70% off at Crazy 8


40% off Regular Priced Items using this link: 40% off at Gymboree


You can shop a ton a stores with awesome deals

(plus you’ll get $10 when you shop through this link—>Ebates )

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Grab your Boys Capsule Wardrobe Checklist:


capsule wardrobe


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capsule wardrobe for boys

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