Socialization and Homeschooling: Are your kids getting enough social time?


Socialization and Homeschooling:

Are your kids getting enough social time?

Socialization….the big S word!!! The definition of socialization is the activity of mixing socially with others, or another definition is learning to act properly in public. ( doing what is socially acceptable in public.)

There is a common myth floating around that homeschooled children are not properly “socialized,” and it’s just that… a myth. In fact, one of the most common reasons that people don’t want to homeschool their children is based off of this crazy myth. The truth is that homeschool children have even more opportunities than children who are in public school for “social mixing.”  Unless you live in a cave and never see the light of day, your children will socialize.

Let’s do a little comparison, shall we.

Children who attend public school are…


#1 only socializing with their peers. (children of the same age)


#2 only socializing when they are allowed. (lunch and recess)


Children who are homeschooled have…


#1 plenty of opportunities to talk with people of all ages.


#2 more time to socialize.


Remember This>>> They will make friends!!

socialization for homeschoolers

Your children will make friends regardless of whether they are homeschooled or not.


    • Neighbors
    • Field Trips
    • Local Support Groups
    • Sports
    • Church
    • Etc.

Our local homeschool group takes field trips, does park days, and has a P.E. class once per month.

I have learned so much about homeschooled children just from going to those events! I can say that I am thoroughly impressed with the homeschooled children that I have met. My children were fairly young when we started attending the P.E. days. Not one of the older children refused to talk to or play with my children because of their age. No one was considered “too young”, “too uncool”, or anything of the sorts. They were all kind to one another, and eager to make friends. Can you imagine if public schooled children all behaved this way???

The Ugly Truth:

Going to public school does not mean you will have many friends. There are plenty of public schooled children who do not have friends at all. So, be encouraged fellow homeschooler, your child will have just as many opportunities, if not many more, to make friends and be social with people of all ages.



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