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Doing Christmas on a Budget: Money Saving Hacks for the Holidays

Are you doing Christmas on a budget this year? Christmas time is such an overwhelming time of the year. We are running here, there, and everywhere! Family dinners, church dinners, parties, plays, and concerts fill up our schedule. It’s insane!  

And when I look at the financial side of Christmas, I want to run and hide! There are so many expenses between food, gas money for trips, and gifts. But, over the years, we’ve (my husband and me) come up with some ways to help ease the financial strain during the holidays.

Here are our tips for saving money during the holidays.

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Doing Christmas on a Budget

Money Saving Hacks for the Holidays

Create a Holiday Savings Account

Set up a holiday savings account! Preferably one that is separate from your current savings account. (One you can forget about until you need it!)

A few years ago my husband set up a Christmas Club account through his work. We get a set amount taken out each paycheck and direct deposited into our Christmas savings account. (Which is at a different bank than our regular savings account. It takes a huge burden off our shoulders!

Shop Sales/Clearance Items

Take advantage of Black Friday. If you miss it, or just don’t feel like going shopping on the craziest day of the year, I don’t blame you! You can still find some great deals online and in store. Just be on the lookout!

I am the queen of sales! (Or maybe just a sales/clearance addict! 😂) I don’t leave a store without checking out the sales racks or clearance aisle.  Amazon is always putting items on sale throughout the year, and they have fantastic Black Friday deals.

Try Ebates

You can get cash back for shopping online. You get $ back for gift cards, too! (I know I have several gift cards to buy this year!) 

Use my referral link to get $10 when you shop! >> Ebates

Buy your turkey or ham right after Thanksgiving.

This year we went to our local grocery store the day after Thanksgiving. We found Turkeys for dirt cheap! I got a 20lb Turkey for $4.00. We ended up buying 3! One small turkey and 2 larger ones. Then we put them in our freezer for our upcoming Christmas dinners! 

Start your shopping early!!

Don’t wait until the last minute. I find the best deals when I do my shopping before Thanksgiving day. It seems like a lot of stores jack up their sales prices then reduce them after Thanksgiving to make it appear like you’re getting a really good deal. Even though you aren’t!

Shop Thrift Stores

If you are looking for some great deals, check out your local thrift stores and consignment shops. I went to Goodwill this year to look for gifts. Target sends over a ton of brand new items! I found some fantastic deals on unopened toys… A $60 box of Magnatiles for $14!!  $70 was my grand-total, and my cart was overflowing!

*You can also find brand new clothes and shoes at a lot of thrift stores!

Shop Amazon

I say this a lot, but Amazon Prime is the bomb! (I may be slightly addicted!) I always find great deals on Amazon, and with prime, there is free 2-day shipping. You can get a 30-day Free trial by clicking on the banner below or click on one of my previous links.

Your Turn!! 

How do you save money during the holidays?? 

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