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Keeping Your Child Safe on the Trampoline

Keeping Your Child Safe on the Trampoline

Sunday was like any other day for us. We went to Sunday School, came home, and grilled out for lunch because it was such a beautiful day. Later that day, the neighborhood kids wanted to play with our kids, so we all went out. My husband stood and talked with the neighbors, while I followed close by our 2 year old. She climbed up on the trampoline, and it wasn’t long before she screamed. Something was wrong, and we had no clue how it has even happened. She had broken her leg.


Trampoline Rules

I am normally pretty strict about who jumps when my 2 year old is on. I normally only allow other children that are her size, or make the bigger kids sit out for a while while she jumps. However, I let it slide one time, and my fear became a reality. Her little leg buckled and was broken just below the knee. I cannot stress enough the importance of setting rules for your trampoline, and sticking to them. Sometimes we tend to get lax with rules as we become more comfortable with a situation. My daughter had been on that trampoline a million times before with no injuries, but all it takes is one time. 

keep your child safe on the trampoline

Just a Few Trampoline Safety Tips

Tip 1: Larger children should not be allowed to jump with smaller children.

Tip 2: Always use a safety net.

Tip 3: Children under 6 should use a small trampoline, and not a standard backyard trampoline.

Tip 4: No flips.

Tip 5: A lot of trampoline parks will let only one person jump at a time.  You might consider adopting this rule, or limiting the amount of kids on your trampoline.

You can find more safety tips here.

And also here.

I definitely do not consider myself an expert in anyway when it comes to trampoline safety. But, I am speaking from experience. I felt so sick when the doctor said her leg was broken. Such an innocent playday turned sour pretty quick. I hope that you will consider implementing some of these rules with your trampoline. As for us, we are getting rid of our trampoline. The risk just isn’t worth it.


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