Are homeschool kids sheltered??? (Another Homeschool Myth Busted)

Are homeschool kids sheltered??

Another homeschool myth busted…

At one of our recent get-togethers, a family member started talking to me about how “sheltered” homeschooled children are. I honestly don’t think he meant to be offensive by saying that, but it was offensive… at least to me.  I’m not sure about you, but I do not consider my homeschooled children “sheltered.” We live a different lifestyle than your typical public schooled family, but in no way does that mean that we shelter our children.

He was talking about the innocence of homeschooled children, and how they are just not knowledgeable of “the real world.” (Whoo… that one fired me up a bit…) I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I had to speak up. No, I was not hateful when I spoke. But I let him know how I felt about homeschooled children being called “sheltered.”

are homeschool kids sheltered

My question:

“What exactly do we, as homeschool parents, shelter our children from??”


Yes, they don’t get to experience bullying from other children, but is this necessary for healthy social development?? No.


Should we really be proud of letting other people fill our children’s heads with things that we have to work so hard at reversing? As a Christian homeschool family, I want my children to learn that God is the creator. This is something that they will not even hear at school. Public schools teach only one viewpoint.

Peer Pressure/Influencing??

I love homeschoolers so much. They march to the beat of a different drum. They don’t let other children their age determine who they want to be. I asked my daughter the other day who she wanted to be like… or who she look up to. She said this: “I just want to be me.” (Proud momma moment!) I was fully expecting an answer like, “Jo-Jo Siwa” or something of that nature. I just can’t even begin to stress how much I absolutely love homeschooling.


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Homeschoolers are not sheltered!

>Homeschooled children spend time with other children and even adults.

>They learn things that most public schooled children never have the chance to learn. Basic things… like cooking and how to properly do your laundry.

>They play sports and do many other extra-curriculars because they have the time.

>Homeschooled children have friends. No, not the ones that will make fun of you behind your back. The good quality friend that will last a lifetime.

These days public schooled children are being exposed to some pretty crazy stuff at such young ages. The fact that my child (at the same age) is not aware of those things yet, does not make him sheltered. It makes him loved. My homeschooler will be introduced to those things in the right timing. He will be introduced to those things when he is old enough to really understand them. This does not make him sheltered.

The fact that my child (at the same age) is not aware of those things yet, does not make him sheltered. It makes him loved. #homeschooled #sheltered Click To Tweet


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So there it is…Another homeschool myth busted!

What are your opinions on this topic? Do you think homeschool kids are sheltered?

are homeschool kids sheltered

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