10 Homeschool Curriculums that Encourage Independence

Just the other day I was talking to a lady about homeschooling. She was really interested in it, but she didn’t think she’d be able to do it due to her health and busy schedule. However, I assured her that there are ways to homeschool in her situation. Even when you feel like you don’t have the time to dedicate to it. There are a lot of different options that require little to no prep for parents, and the child can work independently throughout the day. So, if you are in the same boat, and you just don’t see how you could ever have the time to homeschool, I encourage you to look at this list! 10 homeschool curriculums that encourage independence. You can do it!

homeschool curriculums that encourage independence

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This is a self-paced workbook style curriculum. There are usually about 12 paces(workbooks) per subject.

Christian Light Education

Christian Light is very similar to ACE. The main differences being that there are 10 units in CLE, and it does seem to be a bit more advanced than ACE.

Switched on Schoolhouse

SOS is a CD-ROM based curriculum. All of it is done one the computer, but internet access is not a requirement. (SOS starts at grade 3.)


You can get a free 30-day trial of Monarch before investing in the program. I love that you can test it out before you spend the $$ on it. (We did a trial of this, and it is pretty similar to Switched on Schoolhouse in my opinion.)

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks also starts at grade 3.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 

This is a really great FREE online homeschool curriculum. I have friends who use it, and love it!

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BJU Press

BJU Press has the option of adding video lessons to your curriculum to make learning more independent. This is a great option for busy mommas!

Abeka Academy

Abeka is one of the more widely known accredited homeschool curriculums. It is a lot like BJU distance learning with video lessons replacing the need for you to teach the lessons yourself.

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning is a completely online homeschool curriculum that charges a monthly membership fee.

Robinson Curriculum

Their website has a great thorough explanation of the curriculum.

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Anymore ideas?

If you have anymore ideas for independent learning curriculum, put them in the comments.

10 homeschool curriculums that encourage independence

1 comment on “10 Homeschool Curriculums that Encourage Independence”

  1. This is a great list to start the Mom off with options for the circumstances you described.
    I would add that the parents would benefit from observing their students’ personalities and bents as they make the big decisions of curriculum. Some students benefit from quiet study and some from learning with others. As you guide your child into and through the process of learning to learn, you can find the programs that will compliment their God-given personality.
    This will also help them into the adult world as they navigate steps of further education, marriages and careers.
    And cover it all in much prayer!

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