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Why We Choose to be a One Income Family: And How You Can Too!!!

Why We Choose to be a One Income Family

And How You Can Too!!!

It seems like 2 incomes in a family is becoming the norm. Mom and Dad both normally have a job. In fact, some look at you like you’re crazy if you say you are a stay-at-home parent. I have had many people ask how we do it, and tell me that they just never could. Financially it isn’t always easy, but money isn’t everything. Here’s why I choose to be a one income family.

Why We Choose to be a One Income Family

Why We Choose to be a One Income Family

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

That sounds pretty cliche, but really, money doesn’t buy happiness. Money buys you things. Having more money means a nicer home, a nicer vehicle, more clothes, and just more things in general. However, working all day would mean less time for family. And family = happiness. I get to watch my children grow and learn. That means the world to me. No amount of money can make up for milestones missed, and hours away from my children.


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One of the more obvious reasons is that we homeschool. Having a job and homeschooling is possible, but not what we want. Homeschooling is a full-time job in itself! (Kudos to all of you moms that work and homeschool.You are superwoman!)

My Husband Wants Me To

This may sound odd, but my husband is very traditional. He let me know well before marriage that he wanted to be the provider. And I am okay with that.

It’s Where My Heart Is ❤

My mother was a stay-at-home mom until I was about 15 years old. She didn’t homeschool us, but she stayed home and kept the house in order. I loved it! We had an awesome home cooked meal every night, and never once had to go to daycare. She was home when we were sick, and my mother always did little special things for us that she wouldn’t have had time to do if she worked. From an early age I knew that’s what I wanted to do… Stay home with my children.

How Can You Become A One Income Family???

Live off of less!

Budgeting is the key to becoming a one income family. You have to learn how to live off of less. Here’s a few tips for doing just that:

1.Cut out unnecessary expenses.

Do you go to Starbucks a lot? Could you do without Satellite TV? Clothing, entertainment, and dining out are all areas you can cut back in. You’d be suprised how much money you will save!

2.Start Now!

If you are planning to take this big step, start now. Try living off of 1 income for a few months. Don’t spend more than your spouse makes.

3.Make a Budget and Stick to it!

Make a budget using one income, and stick with it. b

4.Bargain Shopping

Shop sale ads and clearance racks. I am able to get some great deals by doing this. (I love bargain huntimg!!) You could even learn to coupon or use savings apps like Ibotta.


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It is really much easier than you think! With a few minor sacrifices you can become a 1 income family!


Why We Choose to be a One Income Family


Why We Choose to be a One Income Family: And How You Can Too!!! 1

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