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Homeschooling Through Morning Sickness

Homeschooling Through Morning Sickness

Lately my blogging has come to a halt, and so has the rest of my life! I found out I was expecting my 5th child early in June. I was feeling a little nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that day, and it wouldn’t go away. What I didn’t realize was that it was the beginning of a long bout of morning sickness rearing it’s ugly head! The first week or two were okay while homeschooling. However, when morning sickness reached it’s peak, it was miserable! I am not going to sugar coat it for you. Now that I am over that peak and on the downward slope, I want to tell you how I got through our homeschool days with morning sickness.

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Take it Easy

This is the time to take it easy. This is hard for me sometimes. When that check box goes unmarked, I start falling apart a little bit. But, with morning sickness that feeling was gone. I was dying to get through the school day, so I could lay down and get a little rest. So, I made a decision to start my day with all of our basics. We did Math and Language Arts (Spelling, Reading, Grammar, etc.) first thing in the morning because that is when I was feeling my best. Then, we worked on History and Science if I was feeling up to it. All our extras were thrown in only if I could handle it.

Have Your Children Work Independently

On the days that I am really feeling bad, I will have my kids work mostly independently. I will help them if they ask, but I try to leave them most of the work. My older two children already do the majority of their work independently, but I have handed the reigns over to my almost 7 year old, and he has done surprisingly well getting his work done with only minimal help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Day Off!

I have said this before, but really…. don’t be afraid to take a day off. It will do you a lot of good. Pregnancy only lasts 9 months. This is the time to relax, and take it easy. You will have time to catch back up on your school work when you are feeling better. I already do school on a 4-day schedule, so having 1 day off per week is great right now. I used to almost always take Friday as our day off. Now, I just go with the flow. If I am feeling worse one day then we will go ahead and take that day off early.


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Grab Some Snacks

I have a ton of aversions this pregnancy, but for some reason snacking all day helps my nausea quite a bit. I don’t eat super heavy meals throughout the day, and I try not to snack on junk. My snacks consist of things like nuts, crackers, peanut butter, fruit, cheese, and occasionally some chips. I keep my snacks right next to be as we are doing school, so I can reach them easily. My advice would be to just snack on whatever you can handle, and whatever makes you feel best at the time.

Keep Hydrated!

As hard as it may be, keeping hydrated really does make you feel better. I have been buying bottles of water to make sure I am drinking enough water throughout the day. And, they are easy to carry around the house while we are doing school. (Our school somehow always ends up happening in several different rooms throughout the house. Am I the only one???)

Take Lots of Breaks

Take as many breaks as you need to throughout the school day. Go lay down on the couch or your bed if necessary. Sometimes just a few minutes of rest is all you need. (Honestly, I have been doing most of our school from my recliner!) It is okay to stretch your day out a little bit longer, and your kids will thank you for the frequent breaks.

Ask Your Older Children to Help

Your older children may be able to help out with the younger ones while you are feeling your worst. What can they do to help?

  • Read to the younger children.
  • Help out with simple Math.
  • Keep them on track.


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Remember….It will all be over soon!

It’s hard to even imagine sometimes when you are in the trenches of morning sickness, but I promise… it will all be over before you know it! So, hold on! You can do this!

Your Turn>>>What are some things that helped you through homeschooling with morning sickness??

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