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Fighting Fatigue in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can make you so tired!!! I feel like I spend most of my days drained. In your first trimester it is really common to feel tired all day as your body is adjusting to the brand new changes. As you enter the second trimester you are supposed to start getting your energy back, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Then by the time you reach your 3rd trimester that fatigue sets in again! Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t a break from it. But there are ways to help out with fatigue in pregnancy. Today I have put together a list of ways to fight fatigue in pregnancy. 

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Disclosure: I do not claim to be an expert on this topic. I am just speaking from experience from my own pregnancies. 

Fighting Fatigue in Pregnancy

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Get up and move! 

Make sure you are getting plenty of exercise in. Make a point to get up and move. Whether you are taking a walk around the block, cleaning your house, or doing some pregnancy workouts on YouTube. ( I like the Pop Sugar pregnancy workouts!) The more you get up and move, the more energetic you will feel. (Sounds kind of counteractive, right?! It will help though! I promise!)

Get plenty of rest! 

Don’t overdo it! Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, and if possible take a short nap during the day. 

Eat balanced meals

Eating balanced meals will help you to feel more energetic as well. During the first trimester it is really hard to eat at all. Let alone eat well. But, as your morning sickness fades, it will become easier to eat more balanced/healthy meals. 


Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins regularly! Also, if fatigue is awful, talk to your doctor about checking your iron levels. Sometimes having low iron will make you feel exhausted and drained.

These are the prenatal vitamins that I take: 

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Gummy Vitamins are great for when a regular pill makes you sick! (This happened to me with my last 2 pregnancies!)

Snack throughout the day

You may be feeling tired because you are not getting enough to eat throughout the day. Try to eat 3 meals and snack in between. 

Trail mix is a great snack to keep your energy levels up!

Get some fresh air 

Going outside will do you a lot of good. I always feel more refreshed when I step outside and get some fresh air. (During the winter this is harder to do.)

Drink plenty of water 

Lastly, drink plenty of water! This is super important for more than just fighting fatigue. Your body can get dehydrated quicker with a little bean growing inside of you! So make sure you keep a bottle of water by your side throughout the day. (Especially in hot weather!)

I just bought a Pioneer Woman Stainless Steel Tumbler to help me keep up with my water intake. I love it!

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Take care of yourself!

Take good care of yourself while you are expecting! Don’t get overtired, drink plenty of water, keep active, eat right, and remember to pamper yourself every now and then! 

Your turn! What do you do to fight fatigue in pregnancy???

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