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33 Items You Need On Your Baby Registry

I have been working on putting together my baby registry for my newest addition. There are so many things that you can put on your registry! But, what do you really need on your baby registry?

That’s why I put together this list of 33 things that I (a mom of almost 5) think you need your baby registry! I hope it helps! 

33 Items You Need On Your Baby Registry

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Muslin Swaddle Blankets: I absolutely love my swaddle blankets! They can double as nursing covers, too! 

Dock-a-tot: I have several mom friends who say that this is a must-have baby item. 

Bassinet: A bassinet to go beside your bed will help keep baby within arms reach in the early weeks. 

Crib: A crib is a given! Even though your baby may not sleep in the crib right away, you will need one when baby gets older.

Crib Mattress: Can’t have a crib without a crib mattress!

Blankets: You’ll especially need these in the cold winter months. The Hudson Baby Blankets (pictured below) are the softest blankets! I love them! I ordered one for my newest addition, and I will be ordering a few more!

Crib/Bassinet Sheets: You will want at least  3 or 4 of each.


Boba Wrap Carrier: I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without my Boba carrier! It was such a lifesaver!!

Boba Wrap Stardust

Structured Carrier: As baby gets older, a structured carrier becomes a little easier to carry them in.

Boba Carrier Tweet

Car seat/ Stroller Combo: Some hospitals give away free car seats to new moms. But, they are very basic seats. Having a carseat with a base makes getting the baby in and out of the car much easier! 

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Boppy Pillow (with cover): I used my boppy pillow forever!! This is one is a must-have for breastfeeding moms.

Diaper Caddy : Having a diaper caddy will make diaper changes super easy. You can carry it throughout the house, or keep it in your room for late night changes and feedings.

Breast Pump: (For breastfeeding moms.)

Nursing Pads: Choose between disposables or washable ones. Lansinoh is my favorite!

Bottles: Dr. Brown’s bottles were always my favorite bottles!

Bottle Brush: If you are bottle-feeding you will definitely want to have one of these!

Bottle Drying Rack:

Formula: It’s a good idea to have some formula on hand when baby arrives. However, I wouldn’t stock up on too much of one kind. Some babies are sensitive to certain kinds of formula.

Bibs: You’ll probably need 5-10 bibs to start with.


Diaper Bag: Choose a diaper bag that is practical and roomy so you can fit all the essentials inside!


Diapers: Cloth or disposable.

Wipes: I recommend organic or sensitive wipes for newborns.

Pacifiers: Get a couple different brands. Sometimes babies will be a little picky when it comes to pacifiers. Mine would only take Nuk pacis for the longest time! 


Bath: A baby bath with a newborn sling is great to have.

Towels: You will want to have 7 or so hood towels for your baby.

Washcloths: I would suggest getting a big package of washcloths.

Baby wash: My favorite is Baby Magic!

Shampoo Rinse Cup: I really love having one of these for my babies and toddlers!


Onesies :6-8 per size.

Sleepers :7 per size.

Gowns:I used these every night. So , I would recommend having at least 7.

Socks/Shoes: 6-7 pairs of socks, and however many shoes you feel you need. I never really put my babies in shoes that often so I only bought 1 or 2 pair.

Outfit: About 6 outfits per size.

Hats:3 or 4 hats.

Did I miss anything??

What’s your must-have baby registry item? Leave it in the comments!

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