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Shopping for Baby on a Budget: Tips to save money while shopping for a new baby

Are you shopping for baby on a budget? Me too!! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with number 5, that overwhelming fear flooded over me. “How are we going to afford another one!” We already have 4 kids, so I know how much babies can cost. It’s definitely not cheap! And for your 3rd, 4th, 5th… and so on… you just can’t expect a baby shower to get you what you need for baby. 

shopping for baby on a budget

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So, from day one I have been searching for deals, couponing, and keeping my eyes peeled for sales! I am determined to save money. I know it’s possible to shop for baby on a budget, and you can do it too! Here are some tips to help you save money while shopping for baby on a budget:

Tips to save money while shopping for baby on a budget:

Tip #1: Buy used

Buying used will save you a ton of money while shopping for baby. You can find used baby items that are still in great condition at places like consignment shops or sales, garage sales, eBay, local swap sites like Craigslist or Facebook swap sites. Let’s be real…. babies don’t use stuff for very long. So, finding baby gear in excellent condition won’t be hard! 

Our town hosts an annual Kids Consignment sale. This year I found the bassinet I was looking at on Amazon for half the price! 

Tip #2: Use Coupons 

You can find coupons for baby items all over! There are a ton of websites that you can sign up for and receive coupons in your mail. (Like Pampers or Huggies.) My doctor’s office gave me a goody bag at my first appointment filled with pamphlets and coupons! Also, when you create a baby registry, you will usually receive a goody bag or box which will almost always have some good coupons inside!

I got some really good coupons in my Amazon Welcome Box.

Tip #3: Take advantage of sales!

Wait for sales! One of the biggest sales of the year is Black Friday. So,  if you are fortunate enough to be pregnant around that time,  take advantage of it!

If not, don’t worry! All throughout the year, you will find clearance and sale items in stores. My husband and I bought our travel system for our baby for $75 on clearance!! It was the exact one we had been looking at online for $200! 

Tip #4: Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Creating an Amazon Baby Registry was one of the best things I did this time around. After creating your registry you will receive a welcome box full of goodies. All you have to do is spend $10 on anything in your registry. (Which won’t be very hard!) Purchase something that you know you will need. I bought a baby blanket that I had been looking at.

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The Welcome Box was filled with stuff! It was honestly the best baby box I have received from a registry. Here’s a picture of it right after I opened it:

Tip #5: Shop Amazon

First of all, if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account… get one! They come in handy with that free 2-day shipping. Second, get to shopping on Amazon. 

Click here for a free trial: Amazon Prime Free 30-day Trial

I have found some of the best deals on baby products on Amazon. Items go on sale pretty often, and you can get what you are looking for brand new! And it will be a fraction of the cost! 

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Your Turn: How do you save money while shopping for a new baby on a budget? Leave it in the comments.

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