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Our 3rd Grade Charlotte Mason Curriculum: A Detailed Look

We are back to homeschooling a 3rd grader! While most people have started school in recent weeks, we are finishing up our 8th week already. I already gave a simple overview of what we are using for our 2019-2020 Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Curriculum, but today I want to give you a more detailed look at our 3rd Grade Charlotte Mason Curriculum. I will tell you what we are using and give you a little insight into how it’s working for us. So, here we go!

Our 3rd Grade Charlotte Mason Curriculum: A Detailed Look

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Our 3rd Grade Charlotte Mason Curriculum: A Detailed Look

Language Arts

For Language Arts, we are using The Good and The Beautiful Level 2. I know there is a ton of controversy over it, but we haven’t found any issues with it ourselves.

The Good and the Beautiful Level 2 includes:

  • Phonics, Reading, & Spelling
  • Literature & Writing
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Art Appreciation & Geography

(From the Good and the Beautiful website.)

It also includes poetry recitation. With a goal of 3 poems per year. So, it can easily divide out into one poem for each term.

The program claims to be Charlotte Mason Inspired, but I like to tweak it a little to make it more true to Charlotte Mason’s methods.

We skip over some of the grammar and punctuation for this age level and turn some of the spelling into sentences for copywork.

Reading is taught through sight words and phonics. (Which is what Charlotte Mason recommended for teaching a child to read.)


 We are using The Good and The Beautiful level 3.

Habits/Character Studies

We have been using Psalm 23 copywork, and we plan on moving onto A Full Heart Copywork for Character when we are finished.

Artist Study/Picture Study

As I mentioned earlier, this is included in TGATB Language Arts, but I also like to add in a little of my own. So, we are incorporating some Word’s Greatest Artist books as well. Here’s what we’ve read so far:

Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Piccasso


Easy Peasy Math 3 online version with the printables book. Easy Peasy Math is hands-down our favorite math resource. We’ve used Singapore, Math-u-See, and even Life of Fred. Easy Peasy has been a blessing for our homeschool. My 3rd grader has used it since 1st grade, both online and offline versions.

You can read a review of Easy Peasy Math 1 here: Easy Peasy Math 1 Offline Review.

Our 2019-2020 Charlotte Mason Inspired Curriculum 4


PE/Health is a state requirement for us. So, we’ve been using Easy Peasy PE/Health-Evens. We also plan on using The Good and The Beautiful Health and Safety unit.


For Bible, we always use the KJV Bible. We are reading Acts, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, and Proverbs this year.


 The Good and The Beautiful Intro to Energy and Marine Biology.

We’ve already finished Intro to Energy and now we’ve begun Marine Biology! (It’s GORGEOUS btw.)


 Our Nation Under God and library books. We are supplementing the curriculum with living books. I personally am not liking the curriculum so far so we may end up just using the library and a selection of living books. We really like D’aullaires books. (You can find them at Beautiful Feet Books.) We used some last year with A Gentle Feast.

Your Turn

What are you doing for your 3rd grade Charlotte Mason curriculum? I’d love to hear about it! Leave it in the comments below.

Our 3rd Grade Charlotte Mason Curriculum: A Detailed Look

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