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I am so excited to share with you what we are using for our 2018-2019 school year! We have been back to school for 12 weeks already! (We started school in June.) By now, I have a good idea of what is working and what isn’t working for our 5th-grade curriculum choices. 

Our 5th-grade Curriculum Choices

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At the beginning of June, I found out I was expecting #5, and I struggled through many weeks of morning sickness and homeschooling. (Not the best way to start off any school year.) But, I made it!! And now we are thoroughly enjoying our school year!

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Here’s a peek at what we are using for our 5th graders this year……

5th Grade Curriculum Choices

A Gentle Feast

For our core curriculum, we have chosen to use A Gentle FeastA Gentle Feast is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum put together by Julie Ross. 

We are using Green Year which covers 1000 AD to 1600 AD in History. I love all the great book choices this year!

Which subjects are covered in A Gentle Feast??

(Keep in mind that this curriculum is true to the Charlotte Mason Method…)

  • History
  • Picture/Artist Study
  • Composer Study
  • Poetry/ Poet Study
  • Science/ Natural History/ Nature Study
  • Hymn Study
  • Folk Songs (Form 1)
  • Foreign Language 
  • Grammar/ Reading 
  • Bible
  • Etc.

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Easy Peasy Math

You do need to add your own Math program while using A Gentle Feast. Suggestions are made in the book list, but you can use whatever Math program that you love. For us, we chose to go with Easy Peasy Math. We are using EP Math 4 for my daughter and EP Step 1 for my son. 

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is all free online, or you can order offline versions of most courses from grades 1-6. (They are super affordable!) We ordered the printable workbooks for my Math 4 and Math 2 kids. Instead of printing them all out. My oldest son is doing Step 1 completely online. We love it!

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Easy Peasy Language Arts/ Reading 5

We are still using the assigned readings in Grammarland as scheduled by A Gentle Feast, but we are adding in Easy Peasy Language Arts and Reading for more practice. 

We chose Easy Peasy because:

#1 It’s FREE! and…

#2 We are loving EP Math.

Other Easy Peasy Resources 

We are using some other Easy Peasy Resources along with Math and Language Arts/Reading. Drawing and Painting




Sequential Spelling 1

5th Grade Curriculum Choices: 2018/2019 School Year 3

We are using Sequential Spelling Level 1 for extra practice for my son. Both of my 5th graders love it, and so do I. It has really worked well with my son who is a struggling speller.

Enjoy your 2018-2019 Homeschool Year! 

Post what you’re using in the comments!

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