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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Bible Homeschool Curriculum

Why is it so important to choose a Bible homeschool curriculum? Bible can be easily overlooked when you pick out your curriculum for the new school year. However, Bible is so important to teach our children as homeschooling Christians.

Charlotte Mason said this:

“Of the three sorts of knowledge proper to a child, the knowledge of God, of man, and of the universe,–the knowledge of God ranks first in importance, is indispensable, and most happy-making.”

I stand behind this quote 100%! We’ve always tried to make Bible a priority in our children’s education. The knowledge of this world is temporary, but the knowledge of God is everlasting life!

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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Bible Homeschool Curriculum

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Why You Should Include Bible in Your Homeschool Curriculum

Public Schools Do Not Teach the Bible

Public schools do not allow the teaching of a biblical worldview. They deny creation and all the stories after. The Bible is placed on the same level as Greek Mythology.

I don’t want my children to ever get the notion that the Bible is nothing but a myth. It is history and should be treated as history. Which brings me to my next point.

The Bible is History

Do you teach history as a subject in your homeschool? All of us do. History is very important for us to learn. We should know all about the world around us and how we got to the point we are now.

If we leave out the Bible, then we’ve left holes in our child’s education.

I went to public school up until I was a Junior in high school. Then I homeschooled my last two years in one. In my entire public school career, I never once heard anyone refer to the Bible as a part of history.

Although I was raised with Christian values, I was still in a sort of mindset that the Bible was completely separate from the History that I learned about in school. (FALSE!)

So, how did I get out of that mindset?

It wasn’t until I was teaching my own children… homeschooling them. That I realized that the things I learned in public school history, were perfectly aligned with biblical history. It all fit together.

We are Raising Warriors

As Christians, we are raising mighty warriors for God. I want my warriors to be prepared to withstand all the fiery darts that Satan throws their way.

When they go off to college, I want them to be equipped with the knowledge of God. I don’t want them to ever have a doubt in their mind that God is God. Or that he created this wonderful world that we live in.

Would you send your child to war with nothing to defend themselves with?

Not me!! And I know that any parent that loves their children wouldn’t do that either! You would do everything in your power to make sure your child was trained, well equipped… and ready to defeat the enemy.

What Kind of Bible curriculum do you need?

When you’re looking for a Bible curriculum, you want to be mindful of your own beliefs. Look the curriculum over… even pre-read it if possible.

If it does not align with your values… don’t use it.

Some people may choose to just use the Bible as a curriculum, and create their own Bible studies to do with their children. (This is what we do.)

Here’s how to create your own Bible study for your homeschool:

  • Choose what stories or parts of the Bible you’d like to read with your children. (2 to 3 books per year.)
  • Divide your readings by topic/story.
  • End your readings with a discussion on what they took away from the reading.
  • Then elaborate on the important things that you feel need to be addressed in the scripture you’ve read.

Quick tip: Pre-read the chapters and take note of anything you’d like to discuss with your kids. Keep it in your homeschool planner or binder.

Where to find Bible Curriculum

As I mentioned before, you can always use your own Bible to create your own studies. But, if you like to have something that’s more put together for you… here are a few places to look.

AmazonA Quick Guide to Choosing a Bible Homeschool Curriculum 1

Intoxicated On Life

If you use a boxed curriculum, some come with options for adding in a Bible curriculum. Or… it may already come with one!

Curriculum like My Father’s World or Heart of Dakota, use the Bible as a base for the curriculum and have Bible studies weaved throughout.

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What’s your favorite Bible Homeschool Curriculum?

Let me know what your favorite Bible homeschool curriculum is in the comments.

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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Bible Homeschool Curriculum

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