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Research Your Laws

This is the #1 thing to do. Figure out what your state requires of homeschoolers. Here is a link to HSLDA, this is a good place to start.

Figure Out How Your Child Learns

Research learning styles and teaching styles. There are so many different ways that your child can learn. Figuring out learning styles will come in handy when choosing curriculum. Learning Styles: Take this Learning Styles Quiz From Traditional homeschooling to Unschooling, What is your homeschool method? Choosing Your Homeschool Method

Research Curriculum

After you have figured out your child’s learning style and your teaching style, find a good curriculum that fits your family. Read plenty of reviews! This is my go-to site for curriculum reviews:

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Also don’t forget to check out our curriculum reviews under Homeschool on the menu bar!

Purchase Your Curriculum

There are so many different sites you can choose from to purchase curriculum. If you are lucky, you may have a local store that sells curriculum. (This is great because you can take a peek inside before you buy.) My favorite place to buy my curriculum online is Christian Bookstore. I love it because they have good previews of pretty much any book you want to buy. I’ve tried other websites, but I always come back to Christian Book. Great prices too! Here’s a link to the site:

Christian Bookstore

Do Some Planning

Get a good planner, and start planning! There are a lot of different planners to choose from. You can find tons of printable planning pages online. (paid and free) You can also purchase a bound planner from any homeschool supply store, or even purchase a planner at Wal-Mart. Whatever fits your budget!  Here are a few planners: Homeschool Planners

 or download ours for FREE!!!

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Start Homeschooling!!

Jump in and have a great school year!!


The Practical Homeschool Guide

You can check out more information on homeschooling here: Getting Started Homeschooling.

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