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Building words with early readers is a great way to get them reading and spelling.

My daughter loves to use letter tiles to build different words. She will even build short words with magnets on the whiteboard.

So, I created an activity pack that she can do that’s focused on building cvc words.

*Note: CVC words are consonant vowel consonant words.

building words worksheet cvc word pack

Building Words with Early Readers

Building Words Worksheet CVC Word Pack

Build, Spell, and read 100 CVC words with this beginner reader packet.

This packet is also great for building rhyming skills.

How it works:

  • Cut the letter tiles out.
  • Build the words on the list.
  • Find & circle the words in the sentences.

Tips for using this CVC Word pack:

  • Let your child go in any order they’d like.
  • Encourage them to write them down on a piece of paper, chalkboard, or white board. (This part is optional, but it will help with spelling retention.)

Get the packet here>>>

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Building Words with Early Readers

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