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giving thanks as a homeschool mom

Giving Thanks as a Homeschool Mom

Giving Thanks as a Homeschool Mom Being a homeschool mom can be pretty tough. If we are honest, days can get downright ridiculous sometimes! We are juggling taking care of the house, our children, their education, and our husband. Despite what many people may think, our schedules are so full, we can barely make time […] Read more…

Successful Marriage

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Secrets to a Successful Marriage My husband and I have been married nearly 10 years. Things did not start out all “cupcakes and rainbows.” (my kids watch Trolls way too much)  There were arguments and fights… more than I really want to admit to in our first 2 years of marriage.  Slowly things began to […] Read more…

Dating My Husband

​Dating My Husband For Life! I will never forget my pastor teaching on marriage one Sunday morning. He began to tell how he and his wife met, how they fell in love, and eventually married. He talked about the 50+ years they have spent together. He said that he loves his wife better every day, […] Read more…

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