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Mom Life

I am a mother of 5 wonderful children. My life really revolves around being a mother, and you know what??? I’m okay with that! I love being a mom! It’s been the most rewarding yet challenging part of my life thus far.

The mom life part of this blog ranges from pregnancy to preteens. I hope to provide you with parenting tips, advice, and encouragement. Because we all know mom life can get a little crazy!

Wife Life

I have been married to my awesome husband Leo for 11 years. We have our ups and downs, but we know that with God at the center of our marriage, we can overcome any obstacle. We are in this thing for the long haul!!

Wife life is centered around marriage tips, advice, and encouragement from a Christian perspective.

Homeschool Life

Charlotte Mason said, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

The education of our children becomes a lifestyle. Not just the stiff schedule of a 5-day school week, but a continuous atmosphere of learning.

Not too long ago, I made the decision to fully commit myself to learning more about Charlotte Mason’s philosophies of home education and to implement them in our home. It has been the best decision I have made thus far in our homeschooling journey.

I tried many homeschool curriculums that just didn’t seem to be working. I was always drawn to the Charlotte Mason method, and I always used bits and pieces in our homeschool. But, when I finally decided to abandon all other notions the results were freeing.

I want to provide you with information and resources on Charlotte Mason- inspired homeschooling, so that you can easily implement them in your home, too.

Check out our Charlotte Mason Resources Page.

There you will find resources, books, and other Charlotte Mason helps for your homeschooling. It is an ever-growing library!

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