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There are many people who don’t even really know what Charlotte Mason homeschooling is. Maybe they think they’ve got a pretty good understanding, but aren’t fully prepared.

I mean let’s be honest, when reading Charlotte Mason’s Homeschool Series it feels like everything is going to be absolutely wonderful and perfect.

If that was the case I wouldn’t be writing this! This is something I wish I had read before starting out. >>>Charlotte Mason Homeschooling: Expectations Vs. Reality.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling: Expectations vs. Reality

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling: Expectations Vs. Reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlotte Mason’s homeschooling methods. They have resonated with me from day one.

Am I a Charlotte Mason purist? No.

I’d call myself more of a Charlotte Mason Inspired homeschool mom.

I’ve read and reread Charlotte Mason’s books… as well as many other books on Charlotte Mason homeschooling by various authors. But, I won’t pretend to be an “expert” on her methods… because I’m not.

I’m learning as I go.

Implementing her methods as I see fit.


Whenever I started really reading Charlotte Mason’s works I wanted to just dive in head first. It sounded so great.

I had this picture perfect image in my mind of how our school would look.

I would have all the things and it would go over so smoothly. (Very unrealistic expectations now that I look back on it.)

Reading is something that I love to do, so I just knew my kids were going to love it as well! We’d spend hours sitting down reading great literature.

Our nature walks were going to be so much fun! Hours of strolling around in the woods or by the lake. After all…. we love hiking.

And… let’s not get started on those Instagram perfect pictures.

Chalkboard drawings, nature displays, stacks and stacks of books… all in a perfectly neat house. (Something out of a homeschool fairytale.)

Then… reality set in.


All those things that I thought were going to go so smoothly… they didn’t.

My house didn’t magically stay cleaner, I didn’t have any fancy pictures to post on my Instagram, and nature walks were sparse.

In fact… while I was starting out… my house was actually a wreck 90% of the time. We had to find our rythmn before things started to look up.

Why didn’t it all pan out the way I wanted it to? After all… I was determined to make it work for us?

Because the truth is… everything takes time.

There is no just jumping in head first into Charlotte Mason homeschooling. Charlotte Mason homeschooling is definitely not some fix-all magical homeschool remedy.

It takes time. Time to understand her methods and how to implement them in your own home.

We are all individuals. Every child is born a person. (As Charlotte Mason herself once said.)

Our habits will all be different.

So what do you do when Charlotte Mason homeschooling doesn’t turn our like you expected?

Seven years into our homeschool journey I’m finally starting to feel comfortable in educating using the Charlotte Mason method.

It has taken reading and rereading her books, reading other books and blogs, and listening to podcasts.

Being a homeschool mother requires learning on your part as well. Especially a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom.

The best thing to do is to take baby steps.

  • Implement the things you fully understand.
  • Add a little more as time goes on.

You will get the hang of it!!

Charlotte Mason homeschooling is not a curriculum you can just slap in front of your children. It’s a way of life. Charlotte Mason said education is an atmosphere and a discipline as well.

We all know that discipline takes time… as well as forming habits. So don’t rush the process.

I have seen really great progress from my kids since using the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. It is well worth the time and effort you will put into it.

It will provide an education of your whole child.

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Check out my page of Charlotte Mason homeschooling resources. There are a ton of books suggestions for you as you homeschool your children. I have many of the ones that I’ve listed, and I refer back to them often!!

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