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Let’s talk about Charlotte Mason homeschooling for kids who hate reading. Not all kids are fond of reading, but that doesn’t have to completely rule out the Charlotte Mason method for your homeschool. Here are a few ideas of how you can still use Charlotte Mason’s methods & philosophy when you have a child who doesn’t like to read.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading {3 Options!}

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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading

The Charlotte Mason method is built around reading for the most part. When people talk about Charlotte Mason education the first thing you may think of is reading living books.

We’ve started from a very early age reading to our children, and when they were ready to read, we gave them books that they were interested in to nurture their love for reading. However, some people can be reluctant to read. They don’t have the desire to sit down and read a book whether it’s for school or for fun. (I’m married to one of those people.)

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading {3 Options!} 1

So, how do you handle that when Charlotte Mason education centers around reading good books? Do you just hope and pray that they’ll someday grow out of it??

While that’s completely possible, there are other things you can be doing in the meantime.

#1 Audiobooks

You might be saying… “Well, duh, Jamie.” But I had to put this on the top of the list. It may seem like the most obvious answer, but audiobooks may be just what you need.

Let your child listen to the book they are supposed to be reading. While they’re listening, they can be drawing a scene from the story or coloring a picture.

You can find audiobooks on Audible, Librivox, and some books that be found on YouTube.

Librivox is really great for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. If you’re using Ambleside Online, they make a note to the side if the book has an audiobook option.

You can use my link to get 2 free audiobooks when you try out Audible.

Try Audible and Get Two Free AudiobooksCharlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading {3 Options!} 2

(We’ve been listening to the Anne of Green Gables on Audible.)

#2 Read Alouds

Another option is to continue to read aloud to your child as much as possible. You could slowly have your child read a book or two, but do the majority of the reading aloud.

As a child gets older they are expected to take on the load of reading all their books on their own. The purpose behind this is to make sure that your child is getting ample exposure to good literature. This is important in developing spelling, good grammar, and writing skills.

However, if you’re child despises reading, I don’t think there would be any harm in continuing to read aloud to them until they are ready for more.

#3 Let Your Child Choose

I know it can be super intimidating to create your own booklist for homeschooling, but it’s completely possible. Let your child have a say in what books they are going to read. This will get them more excited about reading.

You don’t have to give them free reigns if you’re uncomfortable with that, but pick out a few books on the topic you want to cover and let your child pick which one is most interesting to him.

If you’re dead set on using a program that’s ready for you, I highly suggest using A Gentle Feast. Her program is very easily customizable. She encourages you to use what you have if you have a similar book already on your shelf.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading Can Actually Work!

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Charlotte Mason homeschooling for kids who hate reading can actually work. I encourage you to give it a try! Who knows… it may spark an interest or even a great love for reading in your child!

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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling for Kids Who Hate Reading {3 Options!}

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