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The Simplest Way to Make the Most of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

If you are reading this, more than likely you are using or considering using Charlotte Mason homeschooling. If you know anything at all about Miss Mason’s methods, you know that there are a lot of components involved in making a well-rounded CM education. Let’s be honest, it can be super overwhelming.

After reading her volumes, I was so excited to start my journey with Charlotte Mason education. I was just in love with her educational philosophy. But, when I started looking into everything, I immediately became overwhelmed.

It’s a lot to take in. How are you going to fit it all in without making school an all-day ordeal? Well, it took a ton of reading and studying, but the answer then became so simple and obvious. Here is the simplest way to make the best of Charlotte Mason homeschooling.

Charlotte Mason homeschooling

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The Simplest Way to Make the Most of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

My Epiphany

We’ve been using Charlotte Mason style learning from almost the very beginning. I had read up on teaching and learning styles, and her methods just resonated with me. I was like, Yes!!! That is exactly the education I want for my kids. So, I looked into Ambleside. Boy, was I ever overwhelmed! I hadn’t read much of her works. I thought I understood how to apply CM in my homeschool, but it turns out I was undereducated.

When I came across My Father’s World, a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum, I went for it. We used My Father’s World for 2 years, and there I was again… overwhelmed! So, I thought, “If I can’t fit it all in with a scripted, planned out CM inspired curriculum, how will this ever work for me?? I started reading her volumes and realized it wasn’t supposed to be stressful. I had been missing it all along. Charlotte Mason’s methods were going to bring peace, not frustration. So, I dropped My Father’s World Curriculum.

The Feast

Charlotte Mason describes education as a feast. A table spread full of wonderful things to consume. Imagine Thanksgiving day. You have a huge table full of goodies. You have turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, corn, green bean casserole, several other delicious sides, dessert, and drinks. There is a lot there. So, you go around the table putting just a little of each until your plate is filled. Then you may take a break, and go back for dessert later. I love Thanksgiving! It is a delicious feast of all the best foods! A Charlotte Mason education is just that…. a feast of all the best things!

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Portion Control

Portion control is key on Thanksgiving or any feast. You get a little of everything. Portion Control is also the simplest way to make the best of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling. If you try to eat it all in one sitting you will be sick, and it just won’t happen. It’s the same with Charlotte Mason homeschooling. Trying to fit in every subject, every day will result in frustration, overwhelm, and failure. Put small portions on your plate so-to-speak. Portion control of your feast will allow you to fit more in your day.

Tips for Portion Controlling

  • Drop the strict, scripted programs. If they are becoming overwhelming, they are probably too big of portions.
  • Spread out your subjects evenly throughout the week.
  • Stick to small portions. (Short Lessons)
  • Don’t do every subject every day.

What are your thoughts?

What are some things you do to make the most of your Charlotte Mason homeschool?

The Simplest Way to Make the Most of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling 1

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