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Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies

This page contains all the unit studies from this era. You can follow the Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies from Abraham Lincoln though Barack Obama for a complete years worth of history though unit studies.

Each unit study contains things like booklists, notebooking pages, book suggestions, readings, art, drawing, lapbooks, and more.

The schedule for using the Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies as a complete History study for the year is at the bottom of this page. This is the schedule we use in our own homeschool.

I created this page for our own homeschool history studies. I hope you get just as much use out of it as we will. There are so many great resources out there for homeschooling that are 100% free. So, let’s use them!

For the units I couldn’t find notebooking resources for, I did my best to create original ones for the unit. If you have any trouble downloading anything from our website, please let me know. Have a great school year!

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History of Modern Times Notebooking Pages

Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies

From the late 1800s through present day.

Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies: Year-Long Schedule 

*Take however many days you feel necessary to cover each subject. Some may only take a day or two. This is the schedule we intend to follow in our own homeschool.

Term 1

Week 1: Abraham Lincoln & The Civil War 

Week 2: Harriet Tubman   

Week 3: George Washington Carver

Week 4: The Transcontinental Railroad

Week 5: Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison

Week 6: Helen Keller

Week 7: The Industrial Revolution

Week 8: Theodore Roosevelt

Week 9: The Statue of Liberty & The Wright Brothers

Week 10: Amelia Earhart & Bessie Coleman

Week 11: Titanic

Week 12: WW1

Term 2

Week 1: Treaty of Versailles

Week 2: The 1920s

Week 3: The Great Depression

Week 4: Franklin Roosevelt

Week 5: WW2

Week 6: Anne Frank (covered in WW2 units) & Holocaust (covered in WW2 units)

Week 7: Hitler & Concentration Camps (covered in WW2 units)

Week 8: D-day

Week 9: Atom Bomb

Week 10: Civil Rights Movement

Week 11: Segregation & Rosa Parks (In Civil Rights Movement Unit Study)

Week 12: Dr. MLK Jr. & March on Washington (In Civil Rights Movement Unit Study)

Term 3

Week 1: Communism & Cold War

Week 2: Eisenhower

Week 3: J.F.K

Week 4: Vietnam

Week 5: Lyndon B. Johnson

Week 6: Nixon

Week 7: Gerald Ford & Jimmy Carter

Week 8: Ronald Reagan

Week 9: George H.W. Bush

Week 10: Bill Clinton

Week 11: George W. Bush & War on Terrorism

Week 12: Barack Obama & Donald Trump

Cycle Through History

So far we are working on compiling the Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies. When those are finished, we will start at Cycle 1 and move in that order. If you have any resources you’d like to see added to the unit studies in the future. Feel free to contact me via our contact page.

Cycle 1: Creation/Ancients (Coming Soon)

Cycle 2: Middle Ages (Coming Soon)

Cycle 3: Explorers/ Early Modern (Coming Soon)

Cycle 4: Civil War to Modern

Civil War to Modern History Unit Studies