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In the Communism & The Cold War Unit Study we are going to cover Karl Marx (the father of communism),what communism is, and the Cold War.

Communism & The Cold War Unit Study

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Communism & The Cold War Unit Study

There are videos, notebooking pages, worksheets, facts, biographies, and etc. I’ve divided them all into categories.

Notebooking & Other Worksheets to use during your Communism & The Cold War Unit Study:

Free Notebooking Pages (Blank)

Communism Facts & Worksheets

Rise of Communism Worksheets

Unit Study for the Cold War Printable

Cold War Map of the World (Geography)

Read this on Communism:

Communism Overview

Communism Facts

Read this on The Cold War:

Cold War PowerPoint

Watch these videos on Communism:


Watch these videos on the Cold War:

7 Video Lessons on the Cold War

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Communism & The Cold War Unit Study

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  1. Thank you for linking my notebooking pages. I applaud your decision to address this important topic. Just thought I would insert that I have personally known a number of people who escaped the great communist experiment in Europe and I could tell you many, many stories about what it was actually like living under that regime. It seems we have forgotten that the Stalin purges killed more people than the concentration camps of Hitler and that everywhere this experiment is attempted there is starvation and loss of freedom and life.

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