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Looking for a free Charlotte Mason Style full-year composer study? This Free Famous Composers Study is divided into three 12 week terms with one composer per term.

Music, the Great Joy we owe to Hearing.––Hearing should tell us a great many interesting things, but the great and perfect joy which we owe to him is Music. Many great men have put their beautiful thoughts, not into books, or pictures, or buildings, but into musical score, to be sung with the voice or played on instruments, and so full are these musical compositions of the minds of their makers, that people who care for music can always tell who has composed the music they hear, even if they have never heard the particular movement before. Thus, in a manner, the composer speaks to them, and they are perfectly happy in listening to what he has to say. Quite little children can sometimes get a good deal of this power; indeed, I knew a boy of three years old who knew when his mother was playing ‘Wagner,’ for example. She played to him a great deal, and he listened. Some people have more power in this way than others, but we might all have far more than we possess if we listened.

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Composer Study

Free Famous Composers Study (Full Year Composer Study)

How does the composer study work?

At the beginning of each term, your child will be introduced to the new composer with a short biography.

Each week following there will be a new musical piece to listen to.

You have the option to create a composer study notebook with the free notebooking pages that are provided.

What composers are covered in this year-long study?

Term 1: Ludwig van Beethoven

Term 2: Johann Sebastian Bach

Term 3: George Frideric Handel

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