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60 Field Trips For Homeschoolers

Field trips are not solely for public school. They can and should be taken by homeschooled children and families. Field trips for homeschoolers give your children the opportunity to grasp what they have learned by seeing it in action. They get to put real-life pictures in their minds of the stories they have been told. 

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60 Field Trips For Homeschoolers

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60 Field Trips For Homeschoolers

Where do I begin?

  • Field trip groups 
    • Start with Facebook. Search local homeschool field trip groups. 
      • “(your city) homeschool field trip group 
  • Family trips 
    • Take field trips as a family to museums, science centers, farms…

Quick Tip: Take field trips whenever you can fit them in! It can even be something last minute. Impromptu field trips are super fun! 

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60 Field Trips For Homeschoolers

  1. Zoo
  2. History museum
  3. Science center 
  4. Art museum
  5. City museum
  6. Hiking trip 
  7. Camping trip
  8. Wildlife refuge
  9. Pumpkin patch
  10. Apple orchard 
  11. Airport
  12. Making pizzas at a local pizzeria
  13. Stables
  14. Farm
  15. Vineyard
  16. Beach
  17. Fire station
  18. Police station
  19. Bakery
  20. Chocolate factory
  21. Wax museum
  22. City hall
  23. play/musical 
  24. Concert
  25. Ballet 
  26. Fish hatchery
  27. Aquarium
  28. Botanical garden
  29. Caverns
  30. Caves
  31. Mountains
  32. Bluffs
  33. Waterfalls
  34. Local monuments
  35. Ghost town
  36. State monuments
  37. National monuments
  38. War reenactment
  39. Power plant
  40. Nurseries
  41. Tv Station
  42. Radio station 
  43. Newspaper
  44. Tractor shop
  45. Library
  46. Retirement home
  47. Local water facility
  48. College campus 
  49. Batting cages
  50. Ice cream factory 
  51. Splash park
  52. Cotton gin
  53. Train ride
  54. Archery
  55. Scavenger hunts
  56. Bike trails
  57. Bowling
  58. Climbing wall (rock climbing)
  59. Ziplining
  60. Tour a riverboat 

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60 Field Trips For Homeschoolers

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