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Looking for a free first grade Charlotte Mason math curriculum? I was too! I am all about finding freebies for our homeschool. Here’s what I came across. >> Work & Play with Numbers

Work & Play with Numbers is a public domain book from the early 1900s. I would say it covers grades 1-2 and maybe even up through 3rd because it covers multiplication and fractions.

Overall it looks like a pretty solid book. So, I’ve created the first of 4 workbooks to go along with the book & it’s FREE!

You can go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post if you’d like to download the workbook, but first I want to talk more about book 1.

first grade charlotte mason math curriculum

Free First Grade Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum

Dividing up Work and Play with Numbers

I’ve been working really hard on this free first grade charlotte mason math curriculum workbook for quite some time. I was originally planning on making it one big workbook, but here’s why I decided to split it up.

It’s more manageable.

Having the book split up by chapters makes it easier to manage, and gives you a good starting and stopping point.

I wanted to get this released ASAP.

It was taking me a LONG time to get this workbook out, and I wanted it to be available to you now. I’ve had a rough time this year with various health issues & then I found out I was pregnant with #6.

So… it just made sense to me to split it up by chapters and get it out to you asap so you don’t have to wait on my morning sickness to subside.

A look inside Book 1:

The book starts out very basic, but covers addition and subtraction facts to 10 and counting to 100 in the first chapter.

I chose a font that is very similar to the one used in the book because it’s important for your child to have a good example of writing to copy from.

Have them try to copy the numbers to look as close to the example font as possible.

Free First Grade Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum: Workbook Downloads

Book 1 (corresponds with chapter 1)

Book 2 (corresponds with chapter 2) COMING SOON

Book 3 (corresponds with chapter 3) COMING SOON

Book 4 (corresponds with chapter 4) COMING SOON

first grade charlotte mason math curriculum

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