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The Forest Nature Study Journal is a beautiful watercolor nature study covering forest animals, berries, and trees.

Age/ Grade Level for this journal: Grades 3-8 or ages 8-13. 

The study can easily be used for older students, by adding to or leaving out some elements. The nature flashcards can be used for younger children.

the forest nature study journal

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The Forest Nature Study Journal

What’s inside?

  • nature journal pages & prompts
  • beautiful watercolor nature flashcards
  • forest posters
  • anatomy of…
  • book suggestions to go along with your study

How to use The Forest Nature Journal

  1. Print one for each student.
  2. Collect the books/ materials you’ll need for the study. (All suggested books are 100% free.)
  3. Cut out and laminate the flash cards for durability.
  4. Laminate the posters for durability.

*Note: The posters can be used as posters to hand in your school room or you can use them as page separators in your forest nature journal.

Assembling the journal

Option 1: 3-ring binder

Option 2: Staple along the left edge to create a booklet.

Option 3: Loose leaf

Option 4: Bind it with a coil binder.

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