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Need help getting organized during the holidays? Grab this free Christmas planner & have a no-stress Christmas this year!

Christmas time can fly up on us. We have a lot of birthdays and get togethers in the fall, so I’m liable to forget something if I don’t write it down. That’s why I created this simple Christmas planner. I hope it blesses you!

christmas planner

FREE Christmas Planner

What’s inside the free Christmas planner?

  • Christmas Checklist
  • To Do List
  • Gift Ideas
  • Meal Plan
  • Christmas Wish List
  • Calendar
  • Budget

How to Use the Christmas Planner:

Here’s how you can use each of these pages effectively.

Christmas checklist

The Christmas checklist is kind of like your overview. What are some major things you need to get accomplished before Christmas? Write or doodle each of those in the boxes then check them off as you go.

To-do List

The To-do list is similar to the Christmas Checklist, but you can use this one to write down the more detailed or tedious jobs that need to be done. (Think cleaning the house… purchasing last-minute gifts… etc)

Gift Ideas

This is going to be your main gift list. Write down all of your gift ideas for each person in your family or friends that you need to buy for this year. Print off as many copies as you think you’ll need.

Meal Plan

My sister, my mom, and I always sit down and plan the meal together. Someone always loses the list we scratched in a notebook. (Ok… that someone is me.) The meal planning sheet is to help you keep your meal plan ideas in one spot.

(I like to get my meal ideas for Christmas from Pinterest. You can follow me here>>> )

Wish List

Print one out for each of your kids. You can even print one out for yourself and your spouse. Let them write down all the things they’d like to have for Christmas this year.


The calendar can be used to plan out all your get-togethers for the month of December and keep track of all those important dates. Holidays can get super busy so it’s easy to forget things.

Christmas Budget

The last page in the Christmas planner is a budget plan. This worksheet will help you stay on budget by recording all of your gifts and other expenses as you go.

6 Quick & Easy Steps to Make Christmas Planning a Breeze

1. Get organized

Having your thoughts and ideas organized is the biggest key to making your Christmas plans a success! Write them down somewhere. That’s where the next step comes in.

2. Print out this Planner

Print out this planner or another planner to keep all of your ideas and intentions in the same place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched and searched for loose papers that I’ve lost.

3. Make a Meal Plan

Plan out exactly what you want to cook for Christmas dinner, and all the ingredients you’ll need. This will make your Christmas grocery shopping much easier.

4. Create your to-do lists.

Keep a list of all of your tasks for the holidays. Example: grocery shopping, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, sending out cards, etc.

5. Gather your family’s wish lists.

After everyone has filled out a wish list, gather them up & put them together with your planner. They will come in handy for your shopping & when grandparents ask what your kids want for Christmas.

6. Set a Budget

This is one of the most important steps! Set a budget. This will help save a ton of money! (Let’s be honest… it’s easy to overspend at Christmas time.) You can see what you’ve spent and whether you’re going to go over or not.

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Grab the Free Christmas Planner Now

To swipe a copy of the Free printable Christmas Planner, click on the button below.

You can also check out this really great post for more planning ideas for Christmas this year. >>> The Simple Guide to Christmas Planning

In the post she covers cleaning for the holidays, planning holiday parties, giving gifts and cards, menu planning, and how to decorate your home for Christmas.

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