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Free Insect Nature Study Packet

The free printable insect nature study packet is 12 pages of nature study activities centered around insects.

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Free Insect Nature Study Packet 1
Free Insect Nature Study Packet

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What’s inside the Insect Nature Study Packet?

  • Insect Scavenger Hunt
  • Back Yard Finds
  • Anatomy of an Ant
  • Discover Butterflies
  • Discover Bees
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly
  • and more!

Insect Scavenger Hunt

The insect scavenger hunt has 7 insects for your child to find outdoors. As they find each insect they should put a checkmark beside the name.

Backyard Finds

Backyard finds worksheets are used for recording any insect they may find while outside in their yard. There is a box to draw/sketch the insect and a place to write down the name as well as any other facts or observations about the insect.

Note: You may want to find an insect field guide for your studies. I really like these Take-along guides for younger kids.

Anatomy of an Ant

They will label the parts of an ant using a field guide, nature study book, or the internet. Whichever one you choose.

Discover Butterflies

This is a more in-depth look at butterflies. They will identify what type of butterfly is shown in the picture. Then they will dig deeper and record their amazing facts!

Discover Bees

Discover bees is the same concept as discover butterflies. All Summer long my kids would ask me: “What kind of bee is that?” or “Is that a yellow-jacket?” So, this little study is a personal favorite of mine!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Label the steps of the life cycle on the butterfly.


They will sketch and compare two insects of their choice! This one can be really fun to see the similarities and differences between two insects.

Have fun with this printable Insect Nature Study!!!

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