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Free Weekly Student Checklists

Grab your free weekly student checklists at the bottom of this post. There are 4 different choices in the download. Weekly Vs. Student Checklists & Colored Vs. Black and White.

Scroll to the bottom to swipe your download.

Free Weekly Student Checklists

Weekly & Daily Planning Pages : Free

How to use the Student Checklist:

  • Print out enough checklists for the year. 18 should cover a 36-week school year.
  • Write the week on the designated line.
  • Write the subjects in the given column.
  • In your notes area you can give more detail about the assignment. An example: Pg. 22, Worksheet 4

How to use the Weekly Checklist:

It can be used the same as the student checklist or as a checklist in your homeschool binder.

I like to use one checklist box per student. (Example below)

  • Print enough pages for however many students you’ll have. (I’ll have 4 homeschooling this year, so I’ll print 2 pages per week.)
  • Place the student’s name where the subject header was on the student checklist.
  • Then use it the same as you would the student checklist.

I prefer to have a checklist over daily planning pages in my homeschool master binder.


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