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Tis’ the season for giving! I love giving back during the holidays. The holidays are so much more than eating good food and receiving gifts… and I want my children to know that!

This year we are going to be more active in giving back to our family, friends, and our community. How about you?

As Christians we strive to be like Christ, and in that we know that Christ himself was a giver. He was the ultimate example of giving when he gave his life for each one of us. (The ulimate gift!)

Here’s a few reasons to give back during the holidays:

  • Spreading the love of God during the holiday season.
  • To appreciate the things you have.
  • Helping others brings joy!

That’s just a few of the reasons to start the tradition of giving back.

Not sure how you can give back during the holiday season?

Here are 16 ways to give back during the holidays.

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Giving Back During the Holidays 1

Sharing is caring!

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