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This post is going to be a look at our homeschool Kindergarten curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year.

I’m homeschooling Kindergarten for the 4th time! I can’t believe she’s even old enough for that… but here we are.

Our Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum{ 2020-2021 School Year }

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Our Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum Schedule

I want to talk a little bit about our homeschool kindergarten schedule.

We are very lenient with our Kinder girl because she is only 4. She’ll be 5 in October 2020.

(In our state we are supposed to do some sort of school between the ages of 5-18. She was ready now, so we started her.)

I let my daughter choose what subjects she wants to do, and on what days. This kind of schedule doesn’t work for everyone because I know some children aren’t very motivated to do school. But, so far, it’s working for us.

We usually wind up doing 3 days of school per week, and we school for about 1 hour.

The Good and The Beautiful K Primer

The Good and The Beautiful has been by far my favorite reading program for kids outside of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. With my 3rd child, I struggled with every curriculum under the sun. We could not get him reading.

Finally, I noticed he loved doing worksheets and things with bright colors and extra activities. (Not very CM … I know. But… his learning preferences come first.)

That’s when we saw The Good and The Beautiful. You can read my review of Level K here. All I’m going to say now is… lifesaver!

So, needless to say, we are doing K Primer with our 4th child. We skipped over Pre-K because she already knew all of her letters & sounds.

She is almost finished with the book because we started during the summer with her & she has flown through it. I’ll talk a little more later on what we are going to do after she finishes.

So far she has built her reading skills, and I feel like she’s almost ready to jump into level K.

Masterbooks Math K

We initially wanted to go with Masterbooks everything this year for all of my kids. I just couldn’t get on board with all of it because it didn’t match our learning styles & philosphy for homeschooling.

We did purchase the Math K & Math 4 for two of my kids.

Math K has been very easy. I’d place it more at a Pre-K level than a Kindergarten level.

My daughter has know just about all the concepts in the book, but she has gotten a good review. And it’s giving her a chance to develop her handwriting skills before we move on.

Mammals for Littles (The Good and The Beautiful)

As soon as the Mammals bundle came out, we swiped it up! It is so fun! The flip books are my daughter’s favorite, but she also really likes to do the I Spy Mammals book.

CVC Word Pack

I created a CVC word pack for her to do because she loves building her own words. Here’s the link to grab the pack: CVC Word Building Pack.

This is just something extra we do on the side whenver she feels like it.

The Large Room Pre-reading

This year I released my preschool curriculum for Charlotte Mason inspired homeschoolers. It’s a very gentle approach to preschool that incorporates a little Charlotte Mason throughout.

You can read more about it here. >> Charlotte Mason Inspired Preschool Curriculum

We’ve mainly been using it for reviewing letters & letter sounds. Plus, it gives us a little change of pace when we need it.

She likes the little nature facts spread throughout the curriculum.

TGTB Level K Handwriting

We only do this every now and then, but we have it available to her when she feels like practice her handwriting.

We finished the Handwriting for Littles a couple months ago.

Foundation Phonics

Foundation Phonics is a learn-to-read curriculum by Masterbooks. We started using it at the beginning of this school year, but she wasn’t really likeing it, so we put it aside until she finishes Pre-K Primer.

Read Alouds

We have always been a read aloud family, so each night at bedtime she chooses a book for us to read together.

Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum Plans for the rest of the year

Since we will be done with Math K & K Primer early, we are going to need a plan in place for the rest of the year.

The goal is to finish Foundation Phonics after she completes Pre-K Primer, then move on to TGTB Level K.

As for math, we will either move on to Math Lessons for a Living Education 1 or we will grab TGTB Math K.

Another option I’m weighing is to put her in CTC Math for Kindergarten. We already use CTC with my older kids, so it’s paid for.

What are Your Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum Plans?

I’d love to hear what you are planning to do for your homeschool kindergarten curriculum this year. Leave it in the comments.

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