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How to Create a Homeschool Master Binder

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My first year of homeschooling, I did so much research it was unreal! I wanted to make sure I got off on the right foot. The best thing I did was to make a homeschool master binder. Here’s how you can create a homeschool master binder for your homeschool.

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How to Create a Homeschool Master Binder

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How to Create a Homeschool Master Binder

What’s Inside a Homeschool Master Binder?

Inside your master binder, you will put all of your important homeschooling papers. (Below is a list of what you can put inside.) If you choose to do a printable homeschool planner, you can also incorporate it inside your master binder. 

Check out our printable planners here: Homeschool Planners

Why You Need One

Having a master binder for your homeschool will help you stay more organized and on top of things. That reason alone is enough for me! I know I can always use a little more organization in my life! 

What You’ll Need in Your Homeschool Master Binder

There are a few important papers you will want to keep inside of your master binder.  

A Cute Cover

Download the Covers Here

Laws for your state.

Print out a new copy each year for your master binder. You can find these on your state board of education website or

Read: A Quick Guide to Homeschool Laws

Tax write-off information for your state.

You can usually find this information on the HSLDA website listed above or you can just google >>>”tax write off information for_________.” (Fill in your state.)


You will want a master transcript for each of your children. I got mine from


You can grab an attendance record keeper for your homeschool master binder below.

Attendance – 2020-2021

Attendance- Undated

Year at a glance

I like to keep a year-at-a-glance calendar in the front of my binder to plan our my homeschool year.

Year-at-a-Glance 2020-2021 School Year

Year-at-a-Glace Black and White

Grade Keepers 

Download the Grade Keepers

Grading Scale 

Donna has a few choices to use or you can create your own.

Lesson Plans 

Here are the planning pages I’m using this year in our homeschool master binder. >>>

Weekly& Daily Planner Pages

Weekly Checklist & Student Checklist

Daily Checklist


Field trip tracker

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has a good tracker.

You can find Field Trip Ideas here.

Goals for the Year 

Download the Homeschool Goals Printable

List or calendar for holidays. 

This is another one I like to get from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool plus.

Curriculum tracker

curriculum tracker

A place to write down all of your curriculum choices for the year.

Download the Curriculum Tracker

Notebook paper for jotting down notes. 

note paper printable for homeschool master binder

I like to have a lot of this in my binder. I’ve created some cute note paper for the back of your homeschool master binder.

Download the Note Paper Printable

Expense tracker 

expense tracker for homeschool master binder

Track all of your homeschool expenses with this printable.

Download the homeschool expense tracker

Library book tracker

Keep track of all of your library books or just use it as a master list of the books you will be reading for the year.

Download the Library Book Trackers

Any planning pages you want/need.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has a great selection of planner pages for building a homeschool master binder. (There’s a few of her printables I use in my own binder!)

Add any forms & papers that you see fit for your homeschool master binder. 

Don’t forget to check our Free Homeschool Resource Page for more printables to go inside your Homeschool Master Binder.

A Look Inside My Homeschool Master Binder

Here’s a quick look inside my homeschool master binder. >>>

Putting Your Binder Together

Here’s a few things you may need when assembling your homeschool master binder.

Read: Homeschool Supplies Every Homeschooler Needs

What other Resources Would You Like to See?

Are there any other free printables you’d like to see in this post for your binder?

Leave them in the comments. I’m working on growing this post to make more free printables for your binder.

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How to Create a Homeschool Master Binder
How to Create a Homeschool Master Binder

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