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How to Find Homeschool Support Group or System

Are you trying to find a homeschool support group or homeschool support system?

When I first started homeschooling my children I had little support. I had told my parents, my church members, and my siblings about our choice to homeschool.

Read about why we choose to homeschool here.

How to Find Homeschool Support Group or System

My sister (who now homeschools her kids) was really skeptical of our decision. She thought that the only reason that I was homeschooling was that I couldn’t “let go” of my children. She assumed I was just being overly protective of my children. (I’ll confess…I am guilty of that sometimes!)

Even after explaining my reasons for homeschooling she was not convinced. Then guess what??!!! …The following year she started homeschooling her kids, too! Now she is a huge support.

However, I realize that not everyone has support from their family members or even friends. So, this post is going to walk you through how to find a support group or system.

How to Find a Homeschool Support Group or System

It took a little while for everyone in my family to warm up. It’s sad, but I think it took them seeing the progress in my children to truly have my back.I still have some relatives that will mention things to me about public school.

When I told everyone that I was expecting my fourth child, there were several people who assumed that it was the end of homeschooling.

I heard from one, “Now you will have to send your other kids to school, there is no way you can homeschool with a new baby. That baby will need all of your attention.” (Seriously! If that isn’t the opposite of supportive, then I really don’t know what is.) Well, we survived through another child, and we did not send anyone to public school. 

3 F’s of a Homeschool Support System

It is not impossible to homeschool your children without support, but it makes things much easier if you do have support. 

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What are the 3 F’s of homeschool support systems??


It is not always possible to have support from your family, but it really does help out to have family on your side. 

It took a little while for my family to warm up to the idea of us homeschooling our children. Actually, it wasn’t until after my sister was homeschooling her children as well that they changed their tune.

They stay caught up with what we are doing through social media and messaging. I make a point to post pictures of our days, and what my kids are learning.


Tell all of your friends that you are homeschooling. Then explain to them why you are doing it. (Some will support you … some just won’t understand.)

Find new friends in your local homeschooling community.

I have several new friends now from homeschooling groups. Having someone to talk to that fully understands what you are going through is awesome.

Your other family and friends may not really understand when you talk to them about the trouble you are having deciding on what to use for Math next year. 

I’ve noticed my friends who don’t homeschool will sort of “zone-out” when I try talking to them about homeschooling. It’s hard to relate… so having some like minded buddies is refreshing!

Facebook Groups:

I am honestly not huge on social media. I get on Facebook and Instagram. (Not too often either… because honestly… I just get tired of it all.)

However, our local homeschool group has a Facebook group page for discussion, curriculum sales, and field trips.

Find your local homeschool group on Facebook. This will help you build up a community with other homeschool families. 

My final thoughts on how to find a homeschool support group or homeschool support system

Having support while homeschooling is so important. Does it have to be from a whole tribe of people? Absolutely not!

You may only have one or two people who are on board with your decision to homeschool, and that’s okay.

When I need to talk to someone about homeschooling, I usually call up my sister. We both have 5 kids that are in similar grades, and we homeschool using relatively the same style. (Hers is slightly more eclectic than mine.) But, I am thankful that I have someone to call and talk to when our homeschool days get hard!

If your days get rough and you feel like you have no one to talk to, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email to vent a bit or ask for advice. I understand that we all need a shoulder to lean on every now and then. Especially while navigating the waters of homeschooling.

Where do you like to go for homeschool moral support?

Let me know where you like to go for advice or just to chat about homeschooling. Leave it in the comments!

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How to Find Homeschool Support Group or System

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