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5 Homeschooling Ideas For When You Just Can’t

We’ve all had those days.. those days when you just can’t. Homeschooling seems like a huge chore and you can’t make yourself do it. Well, good news! There are ways to still fit in homeschooling even when mom’s not feeling it. Here are 5 homeschooling ideas for when you just can’t.

homeschooling when you just can't

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5 Homeschooling Ideas For When You Just Can’t

#1 Watch YouTube videos

There are a ton of educational videos on YouTube.You can find videos on every subject area. Type in whatever you want. For example, if you are learning about the Trojan War, type this: Educational Videos on the Trojan War.

If your kids are younger add the word kids. Educational Videos on the Trojan War for kids.

Confession: We just did this! My kids really enjoyed watching the videos. It was a nice change of pace. We did Science and History on YouTube.

#2 Take a Field Trip

Do an impromptu field trip to the local zoo or whatever is close by. We Have a Science Center pretty close by. So we have taken a day off just to do that. They are still getting educated!

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#3 Do Life School

Have your children work on life skills. Cleaning, cooking, sewing, gardening…You get the picture. Folding the laundry and sorting/matching socks is a great skill for the little ones to learn. Cooking a meal is something you can teach your older children to do. Baking is good for those fractions!

5 Homeschooling Ideas For When You Just Can't 1

#4 Watch Netflix or Rent Movies

There are loads of documentaries on Netflix. My kids love to watch the ones about African Wildlife and the ones about sharks. There are also movies based on historical events that they can watch.

Example: Bible History can be taught through the Bible series.

If you don’t have Netflix or can’t seem to find what you need, then go to the movie store and rent something. Most movie stores have a FREE documentary section or a dollar section. Our local movie store has 2 for $1 movies. (older movies, but you can still find really good ones)

Alternatives to Netflix: Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video has a really good selection of movies. Especially educational movies. They have plenty of Jane Austen movies as well… good for literature!

**You can try Amazon Prime Video for FREE for a month… then after that, it’s only $12.99 per month! With the selection they have, it’s definitely worth it. Just click my link below!

Free Trial: Amazon Prime Video

#5 Library Day

Take your kids to the Library. Let them pick out a book or two or three or four. Then spend the day reading. You can read at the Library (or the little ones can go to storytime), read at the park, or just go home and spend time reading there.

Super Simple Homeschool Ideas for Homeschooling When You Just Can’t: When you “just can’t” … you actually can.

Those are all ways to fit school in without having to formally ” do school”. I will be 100% honest with you and tell you that I use these days a lot. We all get worn out, burnt out, and stressed out.

(Read my post on homeschool burnout.)

But… Making the most out of those days is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for our children. Don’t feel guilty about your child sitting in front of the TV/computer all day. Especially since they are being educated. My children retain a lot of information from TV shows and movies… Even educational ones.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your informal homeschool day!

What are some of your homeschooling ideas for when you just can’t? Leave a comment and let me know. (scroll to the bottom to comment) And don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for more posts like this!

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homeschooling when you just can't

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