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Is homeschooling with YouTube a good idea? We all know there are plenty of great tutorial videos on YouTube. It’s my husband and my go-to when we can’t figure something out.

You can find anything from recipes to songs to installing car parts. So, if we’re actively learning new things via YouTube, why not let our kids do the same?

Homeschooling with YouTube: An Easy Step by Step Guide 1

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Homeschooling with YouTube

“You say you’re Charlotte Mason Inspired… what would Charlotte Mason think of YouTube?” I can imagine that’s what some of you may be thinking… however, I think CM would approve of many educational YouTube videos.

I’ve found audiobooks, drawing tutorials, sewing tutorials, and many other Charlotte Mason style learning videos.

Homeschooling with YouTube can greatly benefit visual learners & free up time for busy homeschool mommas.

I’ve especially found this helpful during flare-ups. Read my post on homeschooling with a chronic illness.

Your Step by Step Guide to Homeschooling with Youtube

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide.

  • Where to find channels.
  • How to make YouTube your sole curriculum.
  • Our favorite YouTube channels.
  • Keeping records of YouTube homeschooling.

What to Teach via YouTube

First, let’s talk about how to know what to teach. This is a huge issue that a lot of homeschool parents face.

You’ve got a couple options here.

To know what to teach your child you can pick up one of these books:

What Your ______ Grader Needs to Know

Home Learning Year by Year

These books can be used as a spine to know what videos to watch.

Or check out your local state board of education website. (This will also tell you which subjects need to be covered.)

Subjects on YouTube

  • Math
  • Language Artsn
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Art
  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Life Skills
  • Handicrafts
  • So much more!

Where to find channels

This week’s series will be all about YouTube & the best channels by subject. So, your first place to look for YouTube videos can be here on the blog.

The next place to look is on YouTube itself. Search your subject or whatever you want to study.

If you do it this way, I suggest previewing the videos you watch.

Pinterest is my 3rd place to find YouTube videos. There’s honestly not much you can’t find on Pinterest.

Making Youtube Your Sole Curriculum

If you want YouTube to become your sole curriculum, I suggest having a spine such as one of the books I listed above.

The next thing I recommend is a notebook or journal for each subject. You can find a multitude of great free and paid printables on just about every subject imaginable.

The journals by Thinking Tree are an excellent companion to homeschooling with YouTube.

Our Favorite YouTube Channels

There are a ton of great channels and resources on YouTube, but here are a few that we are especially fond of.

Art for Kids Hub

Liberty Kids

Brave Wilderness

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic

Crash Course

Wild Kratts

Keeping Records while Homeshcooling with YouTube

Some states require you to have more extensive records than others. We live in a state that has some of the most relaxed homeschool laws, but I still like to keep records of what we do just in case we need them one day.

If you’re in a state that requires more record-keeping, there are definitely ways to keep track of what you’re learning. One of my favorite ways is through the Thinking Tree journals. I recommend using a core journal and the Film Study journal.

Another option is to use notebooking pages alongsie the videos.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite YouTube channels. Leave them in the comments.

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