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Considering Language Lessons for a Living Education? This post will help you decide if it’s for you.

We decided to switch from The Good and The Beautiful after using it for 3 years.


  • I wanted a more Bible focused curriculum.
  • My son needed more Spelling Review.

*Note: We are back with The Good and The Beautiful again after 7 weeks.

Language Lessons for a Living Education Review

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Language Lessons for a Living Education Honest Review

In this review I’m going to give you a breakdown of the pros and cons of the curriculum. I’m also going to post a video review at the bottom of this post. If you prefer to watch… scroll to the bottom. However, the blog post has more info on the curriculum.

Pros of Language Lessons for a Living Education

Short Lessons

Charlotte Mason talks about making lessons short for elementary aged children. This was mainly because a young child doesn’t have the attention span for long drawn out lectures. They retain information much better with short, to the point lessons.

Charlotte Mason friendly

What makes it Charlotte Mason friendly?

  • Picture Study
  • Knowledge of God
  • Narration
  • Copywork
  • Short Lessons

Spelling Practice

This is a huge plus for me. We used The Good & The Beautiful for K-level 2 & decided to switch because of the lack of spelling practice.

I noticed a huge improvement with spelling in the first 6 weeks using Masterbooks.

It’s not just a list of words & activities for spelling. Here’s an example of what the spelling is like. (I show more in my video at the bottom of this post.)

  • Spelling Dictionary
  • Creating Spelling Flashcards
  • Word Shapes
  • Copywork
  • Creating Word Finds
  • & More


Masterbooks has some of the most affordable curriculum out there. ( High quality, too.)

Language Lessons for a Living Education doesn’t disappoint on price.

No Teacher Guide Necessary

You don’t need anything, but the student book! I’m all about keeping it simple.

Planned For You

No lesson planning required. All the plans are at the front of the book. You can tear them out & put them in a master binder.

They also double as grade sheets! Which is super convenient.

Bible is Included

This is one thing sorely lacking in The Good and The Beautiful. Language Lessons for a Living Education includes Bible stories & even books of the Bible memorization.

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Cons to Language Lessons for a Living Education

5-day layout

Only a con if you like to do a 4-day Homeschool Schedule like me.

I get around this by doubling up on a couple light days. Usually days 1 & 2.

Lack of Reading Practice

The program has your child pick their own books to read, but I’ve seen a lack of reading practice. Most everything has been review after coming from TGTB level 2.

This was one of my reasons for switching back. I felt like we were back peddling a bit with this curriculum.

Is it really Charlotte Mason?

The curriculum claims to be a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum. I’d say it’s just that. Is it true or pure Charlotte Mason? Probably not. But, it reflects a lot of CM philosophy.

Short Lessons

Here’s what Charlotte Mason had to say on short lessons:

… the lessons are short, seldom more than twenty minutes in length for children under eight … (CM, Home Education Vol 1)

After age 8 lessons go up gradually in length, but a child of 9 would still be doing relatively short lessons.

This is a great post that talks about Short Lessons & quality over quantity.

Is it enough?

I believe using a pure Charlotte Mason curriculum will always be enough. With Language Lessons for a Living Education, I feel it could work for some families.

Is it enough for our family? No.

I could’ve put him in level 4, but I wanted the spelling remediation. We may have had a better outcome of I had placed him there.

Although we are a Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool family, we have used primarily The Good and The Beautiful for my 4th grader. He’s used to the set up & intensity of TGTB.

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So for us, we won’t be continuing with Masterbooks Language Arts.

We will be using The Good and The Beautiful level 3 & Sequential Spelling 1. (Our favorite Spelling program!)

If Sequential Spelling isn’t your cup of tea, my #2 favorite is >>

All About Spelling Level 1

A look inside & my video review

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