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Adorable Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables

My 3-year-old is getting to the point where she is more interested in doing “school”. I don’t plan on starting her in any formal school lessons, but I did create some fun Charlotte Mason-inspired nature alphabet flashcard printables for her. Here’s how I put them together.

Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables

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Adorable Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables

The Nature Alphabet Flashcard printables have a total of 28 cards. One for each letter of the alphabet, one for lowercase alphabet, and one for upper case alphabet.

It was a little bit of a challenge to find things from nature for all the letters in the alphabet! I had my work cut out for me for sure! But, after quite some time searching and brainstorming, I managed to pull it off. Here’s the nature alphabet I came up with. >>>

A- apricot

B- bee

C- clover

D- dragonfly

E- evergreen

F- finch

G- grass


I- insect

J- jellyfish

K- kangaroo

L- leaf

M- mushroom

N- nest

O- owl

P- poppy

Q- quince

R- rose 

S- strawberry

T- tiger

U- Ulysses butterfly 

V- viper

W- whale

X- fox

Y- yarrow

Z- zebra

Putting the Alphabet Cards together:

Adorable Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables

Print the cards

I normally set my printer to draft while printing things for my homeschool in order to save ink. But, this time I turned that setting off and chose a higher quality printing.

Cut them out and laminate.

Cut them out for laminating. You can trim off as much excess as you’d like. I trimmed some off of the bottom and sides of every card to make them slimmer.

Then, I used yarn and small clothespins and strung them up in my homeschool room.

We have a ton of yarn, so I chose some out of our crafting box. Then used mini clothespins to secure the cards to the yarn, and I strung them across our homeschool room wall.

Yarn or twine will work just fine.

The End Result

Adorable Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables

My 3-year-old loves her new nature alphabet cards. When she looks at them she says: “Mommy, can we say ABC’s now??”

You can grab your copy of the Nature Alphabet Flashcards here:

Adorable Nature Alphabet Flashcard Printables 1

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