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Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture

As most of you know, we use Nature Anatomy in our homeschool. Well, recently I discovered that Julia Rothman had created a Nature Anatomy Notebook. I was super excited! So… I placed an order for it on Amazon.

Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture 1Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture 2

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Let me say this… it’s so pretty! I haven’t got the chance to dive into it yet, but I am so ready to start. I’m in great need of more Mother Culture in my life!

Click here to grab our Free Nature Journaling with Nature Anatomy Pages.

Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture

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Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture

What is Mother Culture?

Mother Culture, according to Charlotte Mason, is making time for yourself. When you’re a mother… it’s easy to feel like you have no time to do things for yourself. But, the idea is to make the time. Even if it is just to read a book.

It is important to do things for yourself and to continue to grow in knowledge. So, when our children come to us to ask us a question, we are able to supply the answer. Someone once said that knowledge is power. This is so true!

I reached a point in life when I felt like all the small tedious parts of being a mother and housekeeper were overtaking me. It felt like I had no clue who I even was anymore. But, I decided to make a change. Now, I make sure I set time aside for myself each day. It helps me stay refreshed, happy, and mentally healthy.

Examples of Mother Culture activities:

  • Nature Journaling
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Watch a documentary
  • Etc.

Click here to check out the Nature Anatomy Notebook.

Here’s a quick look inside of the Nature Anatomy Notebook. >>>

About the Nature Anatomy Notebook

  • Divided into 4 seasonal sections: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Pages are lined and some left blank for drawings.
  • Places to record year and month.
  • Drawing tutorials at the end of each section.
  • Pages are thick enough to use watercolors!

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Using the Nature Anatomy Notebook for Mother Culture

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