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Nature Study Tips & Resources

Nature Study is a wonderful way to learn more about natural sciences by studying the world around you. This is a page you are going to want to bookmark for later! It’s an ever-growing resource page dedicated to Nature Study!

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You’ll find nature study tips, resources, book ideas, free printables, and more!

nature study

Charlotte Mason said:

“We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things.”

I completely agree with this! 100%.

We live in a time of tablets, phones, snap chat, and video games. Virtual reality is becoming our children’s realities! Getting your children out in the open fresh air to learn about nature is a thing of the past.

But… let’s not keep it in the past. Let’s nourish their minds, and make nature study a thing of the present and the future! If we instill our children with a love for nature and the world around them, that will rub off onto their kids… and their grandkids. And then a chain reaction!

I’m ready to raise some naturalists! How about you?

Nature Study Tips & Resources

13 Practical Nature Study Books You Need on Your Bookshelf

These nature study books are resources you are going to want on your bookshelves! There are field guides, nature study guides, and drawing/watercolor books.

10 Awesome Fall Nature Study Ideas

A list of 10 Nature Study Ideas for the Fall.

Nature Study With Nature Anatomy

Nature Study with Nature Anatomy is a look at how we do Nature Study using Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman.

30 Free Nature Study Resources

A roundup post of 30 free nature study resources for your homeschool! There are some great resources here!

Nature Anatomy Notebook

Take a quick look inside of the Nature Anatomy Notebook. It’s a gorgeous nature notebook put together by Julia Rothman to go with her book Nature Anatomy.

Printable Nature Study Resources

Free Insect Nature Study Packet

What’s inside?

  • Insect Scavenger Hunt
  • Back Yard Finds (A place to record your insect finds.)
  • Anatomy of an Ant
  • Discover Butterflies (A more in-depth look at butterflies. What type of butterfly is shown in the picture? Dig deeper and record your amazing facts.)
  • Discover Bees ( A more in-depth look at bees. What type of bee is shown in the picture. Dig deeper in your field guide and record your amazing finds!)
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly (Label each step.)
  • and more!

Free Fall Nature Study Packet

What’s inside the Fall Nature Study Packet??

  • Fall Scavenger Hunt
  • A place to record your backyard finds ( Make more copies if you’d like to lengthen the study. )
  • Discover:  A deeper in-depth look at animals and leaves.
  • Fall Weather Observation for recording a month’s worth of weather. (If you’d like to do the study for the entire season, print off extra of these pages.)
  • Tree Observation. Observe one tree each month by sketching the tree and noting the changes. (Again, you can print extra Tree Observation worksheets to extend the study.
  • Create a Leaf Collage: Gather all the leaves that you find to make a fun collage!

Free Winter Nature Study Packet

What’s inside the Winter Nature Study Packet?

  • winter scavenger hunt
  • discover birds of winter
  • winter weather observation
  • discover evergreen trees
  • hunt for ice
  • and more.

Free Bird Nature Study Packet

What’s inside the Bird Nature Study Packet?

  • Birdwatching
  • Identifying Bird eggs and nests
  • Feathers
  • Anatomy of a Bird
  • and Discovering Birds

Free Nature Journaling Pages

Nature Journaling with Nature Anatomy. A year’s worth of Nature Journaling Pages that coincide with Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman.

Nature Alphabet Flashcard

Nature Alphabet Flashcards are a beautiful mixture of sketched, watercolor, and colored drawings of nature.

  • A- apricot
  • B- bee
  • C- clover
  • D- dragonfly
  • E- evergreen
  • F- finch
  • G- grass…

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