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When it comes to online homeschool curriculum there are several options to choose from. I’ve narrowed down the 5 best online homeschooling curriculums for you in this post.

There are times when an online homeschool curriculum option is the best option for your family. This year I’ve had some health issues crop up that have made it difficult to do what we normally do for school.

While I didn’t switch over to all online homeschool curriculum, I did opt for several online homeschool courses including foreign language, typing, and math.

These curriculum options are mainly all-in-one options with the exception of #5. (I had to include it because it’s now my favorite math curriculum!)

5 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum Options 1

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5 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum Options

BJU Distance LearningAll$$$
Easy Peasy HomeschoolAll$
Power HomeschoolAll$$$
CTC MathMath$$$

#1 Monarch Online Homeschooling

Monarch is a Christian based online homeschooling curriculum. Monarch is very similar to Switched on Schoolhouse, but there are no flash drives needed & no need to download anything to your computer. You just sign in online and it will guide you through the set-up process.

Homeschool from anywhere in the world with Monarch5 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum Options 2

Pros: Affordable price, all subjects covered, customizable, Christian based, records are kept for you.

Cons: If you have more than 3 kids homeschooling it can start to add up, but it’s still pretty affordable. Only for grades 3 & up.

AOP Homeschooling Products

#2 BJU Distance Learning

I know several people who use and love BJU Distance Learning. It’s more of a school at home approach which can be appealing to some homeschool parents, but to others… not so much.

Pros: Grades K-12, flexible & customizable, compatible with most devices, grade print-outs, optional textbooks, Christian-based learning.

Cons: BJU Distance Learning is one of the more expensive homeschooling options. It’s set up like school at home, you still do the lesson planning,

#3 Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool & Easy Peasy High School

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool & Easy Peasy High School are both completely free solid online homeschool curriculum options. I’ve used Easy Peasy throughout the years for various subjects. (I’ve never used it as our complete curriculum.)

The math program is a very solid and somewhat advanced program. By the time my son finished EP Math Step 1, he was able to skip on to Pre-Algebra with no problems. The reading program is also very solid & advanced.

Pros: Free, scheduling tool for families called My EP Assignments, book options available for printables, short lessons, grades k-12.

Cons: You have to do all the record keeping, slightly less organized, younger students will need a lot of help reading assignments & etc.

#4 Power Homeschool

Power Homeschool is an all online curriculum by Acellus. Students can do all of their work at their own pace with grading & record keeping done for you!

Pros: Monthly subscription, cancel at any time, grading & record keeping done for you, grades k-12.

Cons: Costly if you have more than one child, not Christian based.

#5 CTC Math

CTC Math is an excellent online math option. I’ve included CTC because it’s my new favorite math! We recently switched over from Teaching Textbooks, and I am so glad I made the switch.

You can work in multiple levels with one child for one price!

Pros: Grades kept for you, certificates & progress reports, work in any level, customizable, very affordable program.

Cons: You assign your child’s work.

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