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Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about homeschooling through the holidays. I like to have some fun Preschool Christmas worksheets on hand for my kids.

We love everything about Christmas and these cute little worksheets help get you into the Christmas spirit!

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Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets

Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets

Inside this packet, there are nine Christmas-themed worksheets. They include:

  • Coloring Sheets
  • Color by Number
  • Color by Letter
  • Doubles Addition

Color by Number

Your child will color each area following the number key. Color by number helps with number and color word recognition.

Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets 1

Color by Letter

Color by Letter is very similar to coloring by number, but it helps enforce letter recognition along with reading color words.

Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets 2

Stocking Math

Your child will write the correct answer inside of each stocking. This activity will help your child gain confidence in doubles addition.

Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets 3

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